The longest drive of the season

The longest drive of the season

The team of coach Björn Harmsen guest tomorrow Sunday afternoon from 15.00 h in the Stadthalle Bremerhaven, will face an uncomfortable opponent in sixteenth place in the table, who won by a razor-thin margin of 83:82 at the same venue in the preseason. All Jena basketball fans who can not or do not want to make the trip to the North Sea, as always, have the opportunity to follow the exchange of blows on the portal of Telekom Sport. The media partner of the easycredit BBL broadcasts live. In HD from 14.45 from the 4.200 spectator capacity arena.45 clock from the 4.200 spectators seizing arena.

While the home side could breathe the second air before the all-star break with two consecutive wins against the Rockets Erfurt (80:74) and at Telekom Baskets Bonn (86:75), but still find themselves in a three-team group still threatened by relegation, the road map of the team of coach and general manager Arne Woltmann should be clear. After four victories each season, tied on points with the Rockets from the Thuringian state capital and BG Göttingen on the borderline to doom, the Eisbären will do everything they can against Jena to claim their third success in a row.

Rather less surprisingly, the Saalestadt residents will pursue completely opposite goals tomorrow afternoon. Thus the team from east Thuringia running up for the first time with Nezugang Kyle Weaver would like to create similarly positive facts in the direct duel against a competitor around the class preservation as few weeks ago in the Hinrunden meeting. After all, it wasn't that long ago, on 27.12.2017 to be exact, when Science City Jena was able to defeat the Nordseestädter smoothly and confidently with 90:68, in the course of the game benefited from a somnambulistically safe three-point percentage of 61.9 percent (13/21).

Regardless of the clear outcome of the game, Jena's head coach warns of the challenge in the second-round duel. "Bremerhaven has a strong team, which with the last two wins has obviously dug itself out of the hole it was in until the end of the year. You seem to have found a good rhythm now. Will certainly want to present a different side against us than they did in Jena in December. We won the first leg by a clear margin, but ultimately that says nothing at all for tomorrow afternoon's match," says Björn Harmsen, looking ahead to the encounter. "Our guys have to come out aggressively from the start, take the opponent and the game very seriously, and compete intensely to give themselves a chance to win the away game. Kyle is now five days into our training process, will obviously need to fit in better. However, he has a lot of experience and the necessary quality, which will make it easier for him to integrate faster and even better," says Harmsen.

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