The largest rolling motorsport museum at the nürburgring

August), tens of thousands of racing fans will descend on the Nürburgring: for three days, the Eifel circuit will be dominated by historic motor sport at the most important historic motor sport event on the European continent. Over 500 cars take to the track in the 13 races, two regularity tests and the parades, many more unique racing cars can be admired in the paddock. The early days of motorsport are represented by the "Vintage Sports Car Trophy," in which the oldest vehicle of the weekend, a Protos Type C from 1920, will be competing. When it starts up its 5.6-liter engine and rattles along with the supercharged Mercedes, mighty Bentleys and others, motorsport history not only becomes visible. It can also be experienced with all senses. The other races in the program are no different: The legendary Cosworth engines from the Formula 1 of the 1970s will be howling at the Ring, as will the popular race cars from the DRM, DTM and STW. The prototypes and GTs of the FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship make the earth shake at the start, and in the sensational field of racing sports cars and GTs up to 1965, the Le Mans feeling of the 1950s becomes tangible on Saturday evening at the latest, when the field with four dozen beautiful racing cars and an unbelievable 33 different makes and models will be presented. Types driving into the dusk (start: 8:30 p.M.).

Internet, livestream, smartphone app: historic motorsport meets high-tech

Tickets for the AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix cost from 28 Euro (day ticket Friday) to 65 Euro (weekend ticket Friday to Sunday) and are available at the open box offices. Family and visitor friendliness for the good 50.000 expected guests at the weekend will also be present at the 46th "Vintage Sports Car Trophy". Great importance attached to the 12th edition of the tradition-steeped classic car event. The choice of seats on the open grandstands is free, and paddock admission is already included in all tickets. Children and young people up to 17 years of age have free admission when accompanied by an adult. Information about the event can be found on the Internet at www.Avd-ogp.En. For the smartphone there is also the new AvD-OGP-Event-App, which shows all important information, starter lists, time and organization plans as well as the live-stream in picture and sound (information and download link under www.Avd-ogp-app.De). Because in addition to the track announcer, ten races on Saturday and Sunday can also be seen there as a livestream. This video stream, offered for the first time, can also be received on the event homepage and the social media channels of the AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix.

Christian Danner, Derek Bell, Volker Strycek, "Poldi" from Bayern& Co. At the start

Classic car experts and interested laymen alike will get their money's worth. Even those who are not familiar with the detailed history will be amazed by the beautiful design, will be thrilled by the sound and smell of the high-tech of yesteryear and may even know one or two of the drivers. Experts are looking forward to the collection of unique motorsport equipment, which cannot be seen anywhere else: From the 1920s to the GTs of the current Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, a historical arc spans all decades and racing classes. In addition to the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, there are two other new additions to the program: The Masters Endurance Legends present Le Mans prototypes and GTs of the recent past up to 2012, the FCD RacingSeries shows Ferraris in Club Sport competition. What remains are the previous highlights, which promise spectacular vehicles and many a well-known driver again this year. For example in the Touring Car Classics for DTM and ITC cars. Two Alfa Romeo 155s and two AMG Mercedes C-Classes will head the field, with a good 30 touring cars chasing behind them: Audi A4, BMW M3, Ford Sierra Cosworth, 190cc Mercedes in Evo II trim – DTM fans will click their tongues at these cars. And they do the same with the names of many pilots: Prince "Poldi" of Bavaria. Harald Grohs in the BMW or Volker Strycek in the Opel are among them. There are other special guests in the paddock, such as ex-Formula 1 driver Christian Danner, who is there as a brand ambassador for Jaguar. Or Le Mans winner and sports car world champion Derek Bell, who is expected to sign autographs at Porsche Classic. In other races, then, the cars are once again the undisputed stars: for example, in Historic Formula 1 or in the "Historic Grand Prix Cars," which tell the prehistory of the Cosworth era: More than 40 participants have registered for this race – more than ever before at the AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix. For the full program of the event and notes on all the other highlights, go to www.Avd-ogp.De on the Internet or in the AvD-OGP app for smartphones (www.Avd-ogp-app.De).

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