The cell phone as a navigation system in the car

A cell phone as a navigation device in the car – does that make sense??

If you need a navigation device for your car today, it is no longer necessary to use one of the conventional navigation devices that are offered in many cases. With the equipment of many cell phones today, they can also often offer full-fledged navigation. But is it possible to use a cell phone as a navigation device in a car or does it make more sense to buy a proper navigation device that is specially designed for cars??

Required equipment for a cell phone as a navigation device

The most important piece of equipment required to make a cell phone in a car suitable as a navigation system is the so-called GPS receiver, which is used to determine the position via the GPS satellites. In addition, some mobile phone providers often offer special navigation software for cell phones that have a GPS receiver, which, depending on the provider, is already preinstalled on the cell phones nowadays.
Does it make sense to use the cell phone in the car as a navigation system??

With the help of a car cradle, which are available for most cell phones suitably, resp. Are offered, an optimal attachment is no problem. As far as the graphic display for route guidance on a cell phone navigation system is concerned, it can easily keep up with most conventional navigation systems today.
Advantages and disadvantages of a cell phone as a navigation system in the car

An enormous advantage is undoubtedly that the available routes, thanks to the fact that the navigation is mostly done online, is much more up-to-date than from most conventional navigation systems. Furthermore, in most cases no storage space is required for cards, as the data is currently retrieved from special servers.

However, this also resulted in a decisive disadvantage. Since with a cell phone as navigation equipment the route guidance functions mostly on-line, thus with existing Internet connection, it is meaningful to book for the avoidance of unnecessary costs an appropriate Flatrate for the Internet use of the respective Provider. Otherwise you run the risk of enormous connection costs.

A cell phone is now possible in principle as an alternative to a conventional navigation system in the car as a navigator. But you should make sure that you have a flatrate, because most of the devices need a permanent connection to the internet.

For devices with GPS receiver it is not necessary to connect to the Internet. Thus, such devices are always the first choice when it comes to professional navigation.

If you use a cell phone as a sat nav, you should install it securely in a cradle – just like a conventional sat nav. Use of the cell phone while driving – even if it is used as a navigation system – is not permitted.

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