Summer vacation with dog in france

Summer vacation with dog in france

With dog in the car on the way – France and the policeWho would like to spend its vacation with dog in France, is in nine of ten cases for the arrival and departure with the car on the way. Similar to Germany, there are clear rules for transporting dogs in the car in France as well. Sometimes these are also checked during general traffic checks.

Therefore, even on short trips in France, you should make sure to secure your dog with a dog safety belt, in a dog transport box or with other suitable systems. Of course, mainly for the protection of your dog, but also because law enforcement officers (regionally very different) sometimes pay attention to it during the usual traffic controls. Fines are unfortunately not only in Germany. On the other hand, many policemen are nicer than their reputation. In general, friendliness is still the best way to get through in France. However, this does not apply if a dog is left alone in the car in summer. Officially, dogs are allowed in France between April. October should not be locked in parked cars. Not even if you leave the window open a crack and if your car is in the shade. Given the relatively high average daily temperatures at summer time, this is an understandable rule in principle. Even though this rule may be unfounded in individual cases, there have already been examples in Germany where in May or September, i.E. In no classic "hot" Months, dogs collapsed after just over fifteen minutes in a car that heated up at lightning speed. The heat of the sun is even more dangerous for the temperature inside your car in summer – not only in very hot regions like Corsica but also in "breezier" ones Areas like Normandy, Brittany and the southern Atlantic coast of France .

Regardless of the discussion about limits of this regulation: passers-by are allowed to notify the police in France and they are allowed to break open the car in case of doubt. You don't want to do that to your dog or your car.

Short-term dog care

Don't say France is not creative: Especially in some beach areas in the south of France, vacation jobs are generated every year in the summer, in which resourceful French people provide short-term dog care "garde chien" open. You can leave your dog there, it will be provided with water and can ideally lie in the cool shade while master and mistress make a little trip without dog. Often, however, this will not be necessary, because in many places in France it is possible to take dogs with you. At crowded high summer beaches in local proximity dogs are not permitted indeed mostly. Further away from the hustle and bustle, it usually looks better, sometimes without a leash, otherwise on a leash. Partially permitted, otherwise based on the much-vaunted French tolerance. Everybody can ensure with its quadruped that as little as possible changes in it. Then you will still be able to enjoy your vacation in France.

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