Polar rcx5 test, advantages and disadvantages, experiences + prices

Polar rcx5 test, advantages and disadvantages, experiences + prices

Comparison report

Reliability (in test: 92%)

Once the Polar RCX5 is connected to the GPS sensor, the GPS functions that the other Polar watches tested can also boast are available. The reliability of the GPS is also in this case very good. The only prerequisite is the one that applies to all GPS devices: the possibility of signal reception must be given, preferably choosing an open terrain. Immediately after receiving the signal you can do your workout. Can again assume a reliable recording of the data.

Workmanship (in the test: 88%)

The Polar RCX5 is a well-made and robust sports watch (weighing just under 57 grams) that meets today's demands for an outdoor training computer. Since it is also waterproof up to 30 meters, the RCX5 does not mind a downpour. The athlete can even wear it during swimming training to record training and heart rate data as desired.

Operation (in the test: 88%)

Just like the other Polar watches we tested, the RCX5 is easy to use. The manual is helpful for making the basic settings and then starting the first workout immediately. However, if you are unsure, you have the chance to refer to a user manual, which is written in a way that is easy to understand. Unfortunately, the RCX5 has no Tap Gestures in contrast to the comparison winner Polar V800. Instead, use the four push buttons located on the housing.

Battery performance (in the test: 80%)

Unfortunately, the battery of the Polar RCX5 is not rechargeable. This means that after about eight months of use, a new battery must be purchased and used. This is a big minus for the RCX5 compared to the winning watch. Also the other tested models. The G5 GPS sensor as an optional accessory has a battery that allows a runtime of a good 20 hours.

Range (in the test: 92%)

Athletes who have opted for the model variant with GPS sensor only have to bear in mind with regard to the range that very rough terrain is to be avoided. Because for this GPS sensor applies what is generally true for devices that have GPS: In densely built-up residential areas or in deep forest, poorer ranges are to be expected than in open terrain.

Equipment (in test: 85%)

What all available RCX5 sets have in common is that they include the Polar RCX5 and the Polar WearLink plus hybrid transmitter. The sports watch is primarily used by runners and cyclists as a training computer and can or must be supplemented with additional sensors and mounts. Athletes who do not want to buy the accessories afterwards can opt for the corresponding "Run" or "Bike" set.

The Polar RCX5 gets a clear minus for the missing GPS module. The winner of the comparison, the Polar V800, as well as the two other models presented have integrated GPS and thus a broader field of application from the start. The Polar RCX5 looks good. Can serve with multifunctional training computers. However, the basic version of the Polar RCX5 is not a GPS watch. Instead, you need to buy the G5 GPS sensor that matches the watch or go for the Polar RCX5 GPS set right away. Points can the GPS meter by the different specific sets.

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