Pit bike training

Pit bike training

Pit Bike Training

Pit Bike Monday Race for everyone…

IMR vehicles with 190ccm

You are a hobby racer and want to let your knee drag on the ground, train your hanging off technique, talk shop with other racers and, of course, enjoy the "almost".. Have the same fun factor as on the big race tracks of Europe…

Then our Pitbike trainings are just the right thing for you!

Pit Bike Module 1 Training

IMR vehicles with 190ccm

You want to get acquainted with the new trendy sport of Pit Bike riding? In the training module 1 you will work on gaining confidence in yourself and the technique and get to know the specifics of the machine.

Under expert guidance you can experience and get to know your gaze, your seating position and the confidence in the inclined position on the motorcycle with expert help. Those who have experienced limits can better anticipate and avoid critical situations. This training is also an enrichment of experience for more fun, smooth and relaxed motorcycling on the road.

The training takes place in a small group. Enough driving fun is guaranteed. Practical exercises are supplemented by theoretical background.

Pit Bike Module 2 Training

IMR vehicles with 190cc

Fri only. 200.00 incl. Motorcycle from us

After completing training module 1, you will now work on increasing your cornering speed in a controlled manner in order to be able to ride with more lean angle.

Under expert guidance you will work step by step in your seating position for Hanging Off driving.

Until the first touch-down of your knee grinder!

The training takes place in a small group. Enough driving fun is guaranteed. Practical exercises are again supplemented with short theory blocks.

Sorry, no courses are offered at this time.

Pit Bike Module 3 Training

IMR vehicles with 190cc

Small groups

Only Fri. 230.00 incl. Motorcycle from us


After successful completion of training modules 1 and 2 you would like to try your experience on an indoor kart race track.

Under expert guidance we explain to you what it means to brake into the curve (advantages-disadvantages), where the racing track ideal line is, what racing track rules are (flag symbols). After a short group drive you will have enough time to train on the spot. To burn one lap after the other in the asphalt! Who knows, maybe you will soon be the owner of a pit bike yourself???

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