Phanteks amp 1000 in white

Phanteks amp 1000 in white

The AMP series from PHANTEKS offers a fantastic exterior with an impressive feature list and full power – now also in white! The high-performance power supply, created in collaboration with Seasonic's power supply professionals, is particularly suitable for high-end systems and workstations. Besides pure performance, the AMP 1000 convinces with fully modular connectivity, high efficiency and numerous clever features. Highlights are undoubtedly the especially powerful single-rail. Revolt Pro-Link certification for systems beyond 1000W or the ability to have redundant power as a backup.

Now new at Caseking!

The internal connections are designed to be largely wireless. The flagship of PHANTEKS' AMP series also features a fan with a smooth-running fluid dynamic bearing, which is characterized by its low frictional resistance, high smoothness during operation and long durability. The 120 mm fan keeps the power supply at a constant low temperature. Turns off completely below 40 % for silent operation. Considering the high maximum power rating of the power supply, this threshold enables silent operation in many application scenarios with appropriately designed systems. This makes the AMP 1000W, apart from high-end systems and overclocking ambitions, equally suitable for fans of silent PCs who want to pursue their office tasks undisturbed or want to enjoy multimedia applications in silence.

All features of the AMP 1000W at a glance:

High-quality power supply with 80 PLUS Gold certification Powerful 1000 W rated power with 83 A strong single-rail Fully modular cable management Quiet 120 mm fan for efficient cooling that turns off completely at low load for silent operation Average efficiency of up to 92% 1x 24-pin / 5x 8-pin / 4x 6-pin

The single rail, which is so important for extreme overclocking, offers with 83 A in the AMP1000W enough capacity to easily satisfy the power hunger of overclocked components. If required, this feature can also be switched off at the touch of a button. Thanks to the fluid dynamic bearing, it also works particularly quietly in other respects. Also offers high durability.

A special highlight of the AMP series is the Revolt Pro Link certification. AMP power supplies can be used together with corresponding Revolt Pro power supplies in a network. This allows to increase the provided nominal power to provide enough power for overclocked PCs and workstations with multiple GPUs. Furthermore, this provides the possibility to create a redundant power supply. This guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the system in case one of the two power supplies fails.

Of course, the power supplies of the AMP series cover all common protective measures, such as overcurrent protection, overload protection, undervoltage protection, overheating protection, short-circuit protection, no-load protection and reset protection.

The PHANTEKS AMP 1000W 80 PLUS Gold in white can be pre-ordered now for 159,90 Euro and will be available soon. In black, the PHANTEKS AMP power supplies are already available in 550W for 79,90 Euro, 650W for 89,90 Euro, 750W for 99,90 Euro, 850W for 129,90 Euro and 1000W for 149,90 Euro.

All details about the PHANTEKS AMP 1000W 80 PLUS Gold power supply can also be found here: caseking.En/AMP1000-White

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