New drawing creates a new autocad drawing

Drawing management with AutoCADNote: The example archive cad.Omsl contains special data fields for drawing management.

First, please make sure that the extended AutoCAD functions are set up in the Office Manager. Start if necessary. The assistants:

The AutoCAD Menu

After successful setup, you will find the new CAD tab page in the main program window:

New drawing creates a new autocad drawing

New drawing: creates a new AutoCAD drawing. This command corresponds to the menu item Create | New | Document, the document type is "AutoCAD" but is automatically selected.

New component: creates a new block.

Run | AutoCAD: runs the AutoCAD program.

Execute | acad.Open ini: opens the INI file in the editor.

Run | AutoCAD setup: launch the AutoCAD setup wizard.

Depending on the installation, other commands are available, for example:

Execute | Insert part: inserts the selected part into the open drawing.

Execute | Create DXF: saves the marked drawing as a DXF file.

Execute | Read attributes from drawing: transfers changes to the archive.

Execute | Save attributes in drawing: updates the drawing frame u. A. Attributes after changes in the archive.

You can create your own commands for AutoCAD, see "Registering document types".

Fill in the drawing header

Since a drawing header often contains the same data as has been entered in the drawing management, a coupling of database and drawing is obvious.

We describe here how to create an AutoCAD drawing with a completed title block. The data for the drawing font field is taken from the archive database in this case.

Enter drawing data

The entry of the drawing data to be transferred to AutoCAD is done when a new drawing is created.

1.Select the menu command Create | New | Document or CAD | AutoCAD | New Drawing. The 'New Document' dialog opens:

New drawing creates a new autocad drawing

2.As with other documents, enter the general attributes and then open the "Drawing" tab.

3.Enter the data for the title block. In the title block field, all DWG files are listed that are located in the title block directory (this directory was queried by the AutoCAD wizard during setup).

4.Click OK, AutoCAD will open now. The Office Manager inserts the completed header into the new drawing:

New drawing creates a new autocad drawing

5.The dynamic AutoCAD connection updates the archive when changes are made to the title block (or other AutoCAD attributes) and automatically incorporates changes in the archive into the drawing. To test this function, please change now the name in the font header (AutoCAD command "eattedit"). Save the drawing and please exit AutoCAD. Once activated, Office Manager reads the drawing data, creates the full text index and updates the document name.

Create your own template for title blocks

Our font header pattern will not be usable for all users like this. We show you how to include your own font headers here.

1.Please copy your title block drawings (dwg files) into the directory you had entered in the AutoCAD Wizard (z. B. C:\Documents and ..\Office Manager\Template\CadFrame)

2.Select the menu command CAD | AutoCAD | Execute | acad.Open ini. See also description of the configuration file on the Internet.

3.In the section"[Attribute2Field]" all attributes are listed, which are exchanged between AutoCAD and the Office Manager. You can get the names of the AutoCAD attributes with the AutoCAD command "eattedit" display when the title block file has been opened. For the list of Office Manager attributes, please choose File | Database | Customize | Define Fields. Examples for the assignment of the attributes can be found in the INI file.

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