Myths about car inspection

Myths about car inspection

Car inspections are only a recommendation, but not a duty and as a hobby mechanic you can actually do the maintenance yourself – right or not? How much truth is there in well-known inspection myths??

Inspection is not mandatory?!

The TÜV inspection is mandatory, but what about the inspection on the car? Recommendation or a must? Recommendation. Nevertheless, if you don't stick to your manufacturer's specified maintenance intervals, you run a high risk, at least with new cars: If you miss the inspection at the beginning, the new car warranty expires. But even after the warranty has expired, regular checks are recommended: the sooner damage to the vehicle is discovered, the cheaper the repair usually is. And last but not least, it's a matter of personal safety. But what about the cost of inspection? Shouldn't it be the same everywhere, since the manufacturer provides a maintenance list?? No, the prices differ in part considerably. Independent workshops work almost cheaper than authorized workshops. Here you should definitely compare prices in advance.

Inspection only at the authorized workshop?!

Opinions differ on this question: Do independent workshops perform worse than authorized workshops?? Although independent workshops performed worse than contract workshops in the latest ADAC test, the automobile club does not fundamentally advise against them. Our tip: You should be self-confident in the workshop. Viewing the car together with the service advisor. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also make a few small mistakes in the car before the inspection – for example, reduce the coolant level a bit. As the saying goes: trust is good, control is better. Another topic, around which many myths entwine, are the spare parts: Must original parts be used? No, and one should even urge that equivalent Ident parts be used. They are just as good. Mostly cheaper by one third. Another tip: Engine oil is usually the biggest cost factor during inspection. If you buy the lubricant for changing the oil in your car yourself beforehand, you can save a lot of money. But be careful: the oil must be approved for the vehicle and engine.

Hobby screwdrivers can carry out the inspection themselves?!

Some car lovers like to take the tools into their own hands to tinker with their cars. So can amateur mechanics also do the inspection to maintain their car themselves? If you have the confidence to do it, you can actually do some of the tasks yourself. Replacing the wiper blades yourself saves about 20 euros, as does changing the air filter. With a measuring device for a few euros you can also check the amount of antifreeze in the cooling water. It gets more complicated when changing the oil, because not only is a lifting platform required, but the used oil also has to be disposed of in accordance with regulations. In any case, amateur mechanics should keep their hands off the brakes, suspension, airbags and electronics.

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