Much worth knowing learned with the fire department

Much worth knowing learned with the fire department

Girls and boys of the 3rd grade from the elementary school "Elbkinderland" Elster visited with their class teacher Mr. Fuchs the volunteer fire department in Elster (Elbe).

Marcel Rückert, deputy. Local weir leader and youth fire-brigade leader prepared themselves intensively with its comrades, Ingolf Nitzsche -device keeper- (responsible for technology and equipment), Benjamin Elias supervisor of the child and youth fire-brigade Elster and Mario Prell -group leader-.

Finally, it was learned, the children should learn something and perhaps feel interest in the fire department in Elster (Elbe) to participate. Since there is for some time also a further new generation department (child fire-brigade). Every second Thursday the children's department meets. Every second Friday, the youth section of the fire department meets at the fire station.

Mario Prell gave the children the opportunity to sit in an FF Elster vehicle. Of course, everything was explained beforehand and shown on the spot. Touching was allowed and wanted. What belongs in a vehicle, why it must be red, many of these questions were asked by the children and explained child-fairly.

Boredom did not arise, if one was finished at a station, one could immediately go to the next one. With Ingolf Nitzsche could slip who wanted then into the heavy equipment. Some girls, but also boys almost collapsed under the heavy load of jacket and helmet. They were even more amazed when Mr. Nitzsche explained to them what all belongs to the personal protective equipment and how quickly all this has to be put on. When we are called, everything must happen in seconds, minutes. There is no time to lose. Every move has to be right.

A ride in a fire truck is the dream of all boys. Benjamin Elias, supervisor of the children's and youth fire department, knows these dreams and wishes. But also at his station there was much worth knowing. Equipment such as a bucket sprayer, hoses, jet pipes and a lighting kit belong on a fire truck. When we are called, everything must work. Everyone must be able to rely on the other. Every device that is used in the field must be cleaned and dried again afterwards, according to Mr. Elias. Here all girls and boys could see and touch everything very closely. Afterwards, the children were taken for a spin around Elster in the multipurpose vehicle (MZF).

The deputy chief of the local fire brigade and responsible for the youth fire brigade work, tried to impart the first general fire protection theory to the pupils. Not easy, but necessary. Where the fire-brigade in Elster has its seat, that knew before already all. That the fire-brigade however so many tasks has, that there are different kinds of fire-brigades, fire-brigade departments, that nobody knew so exactly. Likewise it was explained to the children of the third class that smoke detectors in the house are particularly important. Or if it burns once? How to make a real emergency call? Likewise, it was enlightened, good fire, evil fire. Fire, can but must not always be equally dangerous. But you should have respect for the fire in any case. Everything was explained properly, so Marcel Rückert was more surprised that everyone cooperated very interested until the end.

The students from Elster were taught not to set off malicious alarms. Each of the comrades of FF Elster works on a voluntary basis. This is also the reason why the volunteer fire department Elster (Elbe) always needs new recruits. Helping is something beautiful. You can also have a lot of fun with the fire department.

Both sides were enthusiastic after this day. The summary of the comrades, something like that should be done much more often, only the time does not always allow it. But if, one could develop and extend the topics still more. One hopes that the interest is so large that one or the other in one of the two new generation departments of the Elsteraner fire-brigade looks past.

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