Much praise from the national player

Much praise from the national player

Being coached by a professional is something that almost every young player would like to do. After all, such a professional knows quite different tricks and tricks. Tim Suton also shows this during his guest performance in Schlangen. There the TBV Lemgo player jumps in as a youth coach for a unit. As reported, the VfL had won such a training and set up a team of female and male C-youth as well as male D-youth for this purpose.

Autograph requests fulfilled and posed for souvenir photos

Before the warm-up, a queue formed in front of Tim Suton. The 23-year-old patiently fulfilled all autograph requests. Posed for souvenir photos. Then it went off sportily -. The back-row player demanded a lot from the young players. Wearing gray training pants and a blue TBV shirt, the 1.93-meter man stood relaxed in the hall while the players practiced their passes around him. Handball youth coach Florian Ruth was joined by C-girl coach Jens Strohdiek.

Suton called the players to one side of the hall and explained an exercise for teams of three: "Pass, back pass, cross and again," he demonstrated the sequence. The imitation fell the Trios however not at all so simply. Because this sequence was new for the youngsters from Schlangen. But the professional took it calmly and patiently pointed out to them what is important when cruising.

"Very good," praised Tim Suton and applauded

"Okay, we'll do it again," the national player said, slowly demonstrating the exercise one more time. The second run-through was much better: "Very good," praised Tim Suton and applauded. Goes nevertheless.

Jens Strohdiek explains what was so difficult: "The throws in this sequence are a real challenge for the children. In the D-youth come these moves only. We trainers then slowly show them how to do it. My C girls already know how to cross, but not in combination with back passes," he described. So everyone took something for themselves at the training session. "Thank you. I had a lot of fun," said the 23-year-old as he said goodbye. The players applaud spontaneously. Want then still more autographs. The national player is happy to fulfill this wish for them.

It will be a while before Tim Suton is back on the field himself. The TBV professional is suffering from a torn cruciate ligament: "That was the maximum I can run in the hall today. I'm currently in rehab," he said. But he was happy to squeeze in the training session in Schlangen: "It's all about having fun. That is the most important thing."Suton is convinced that playing handball shapes children and young people: "You take a lot with you for later life.

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