Mobile cranes

Mobile cranes

The cab crane with a lifting capacity of 90 t offers the best cab crane payloads in its class and, thanks to its compact design, can be maneuvered and used even in confined locations. The new crane replaces its successful predecessor, the GMK4080-1, and offers more modern and efficient features that promise crane owners a higher return on investment. The GMK4090 is equipped with the new MAXbase variable outrigger system, which expands the possibilities of crane operations, especially in confined spaces on construction sites.

Manitowoc has launched a new AT crane, the class-leading Grove GMK4090. The new cab crane has a modern, compact design with emphasis on driving characteristics and maneuverability.

The new crane is the company's response to customer demand for lightweight, flexible cab cranes in the 90-ton capacity class. It pioneers a new generation with numerous improvements over its predecessor, the GMK4080-1, an AT crane that is particularly popular in Europe, especially with rental companies, because of its application flexibility and strong lifting capacities.

Manitowoc has also introduced the GMK4080-2, a similar crane with a lifting capacity of 80 t. The GMK4090 will be launched worldwide, while the GMK4080-2 will not be available in North America.

According to Andreas Cremer, director of global product management for Grove AT cranes, the GMK4090 and GMK4080-2 crane models are largely identical. However, the GMK4080-2 carries less counterweight to achieve the same lifting capacities as its predecessor, the GMK4080-1.

"The main focus in the design of the GMK4090 was on the aspects of flexibility and maneuverability," Cremer said. "With the leading cab crane payloads in this crane category. Its compact design makes this crane ideal for a wide variety of applications such as. General construction projects and factory maintenance work. Thanks to a variety of counterweight options, it also has high versatility in travel, which can mean greater efficiency and return on investment for many owners."

The GMK4090 has a 51 m long, six-section MEGAFORM boom with TWIN-LOCK locking system from Grove. A 9/15 m double folding jib is used to extend its overall reach, which can reach a total jib length of 21 m with a 6 m jib extension.

The new model also offers excellent driving and transport characteristics. The GMK4090 can be moved on the road with a maximum counterweight of 18.3 t. If a 12 t per axle limit is adhered to, it can transport a counterweight of up to 9.1 t to its place of use without the need for additional truck transport. So this is a high capacity cab crane that keeps transport costs down.

With a width of just 2.55 m, it is extremely compact, allowing it to be driven and maneuvered with ease, even in particularly confined spaces on site.. Its counterweight swing radius is only 3.53 m and thus within the maximum support width. In addition, the GMK4090 is now optionally available with the new MAXbase function on request. This variable outrigger position gives the crane greater rigging flexibility at the job site, especially when it needs to be set up on confined terrain; it also allows for a higher load capacity compared to the traditional 360-degree load table.

The new crane also features Manitowoc's CCS crane control system, a user-friendly operator interface that has been standardized across the company's crane range and is now offered on every new model.

"We spoke to a number of customers during the design of this new crane to fully understand their requirements and wishes in terms of cranes in this class," explained Cremer. "In our effort to replace the very successful GMK4080-1, we had to look for high versatility in the GMK4090 in terms of transport, set-up and lifting capacities. Here we see The Manitowoc Way in action, and the result is a new crane that should help crane owners increase the efficiency and utilization rate of their crane fleet.

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