Long distance test of the yamaha fazer 600(50000 km)

Long distance test of the yamaha fazer 600(50000 km)

Fazer. Isn't that Captain Kirk's pistol? You know: Enterprise and all that.

But how does a motorcycle get these names? Never mind. You can already call them a weapon in the price war. For a special offer of 12 390 Marks, the Fazer was an attractive and down-to-earth motorcycle in the shop windows of Yamaha dealers from spring 1998 onwards, and a short time later also in the motorcycle test fleet.

The 600 immediately turns out to be an all-rounder and an editorial favorite. Braking with the bite of a vice. An energetic feed beyond 6500 rpm. It asks for curves like the soup for the salt. Exudes tremendous dynamism. Almost everyone gets along with it right away. Perhaps even too quickly, as a member of the editorial team gets to feel firsthand. At 11950 kilometers, he runs out of asphalt in a bend. The ground exercises the Fazer end with a total loss, the detailed consultations of the test crew with the purchase of a new. Almost 12 000 kilometers. And all for free. On 12.August 19998 it is called: Fazer, flap the second.

Editor Fred Siemer takes the little one on a test drive to Italy and criticizes the modest view in the mirrors as well as the seating position: hard and not very ergonomic. At least for a 1.85 meter touring driver. Werner Koch, test veteran of the editorial office,

Diagnoses the two-wheeled bargain with sloppy steering. Colleague Jürgen Schmitz adds: "Well, for the money!"

According to the motto "Forward always, backward never!" Fights employee Peter Batmann

Together with the Fazer at the end of September on 2460 altitude meters against the cold and – loses. Crash, fairing damaged. A hairline crack that will make irritating noises from now on. But everyone continues to love them unabated. This mix of power, dynamics and playful handling can't be topped. At mileage 6320 she gets as a reward a luggage system from Givi donated.

Once again, it's Fred Siemer who tests out the innovation: "The luggage is much too high, which makes the bike tippy, and the handling deteriorates," is his conclusion in the logbook. Winter is getting closer, finally it's all here. One day before New Year's Eve 1998 Markus Wölfel – onliners are tough – rattles the tank cap in vain. Frozen. But the smoker knows what to do, fumbles open the lock with a lighter flame and hot key – Fazer number three… Sorry, small joke.

The last 800 kilometers to the 10 000 mark the Fazer "motorcycle" will never forgive.

Service long-leg Holger Hertneck grabs it for a Black Forest tour. Action time: 29.January 1999, 4:45 a.M. Crime scene Neckarburg. Ten degrees below zero, blowing snow, black ice. Everything half bad for pro Hertneck. He finds fault with the mounted Dunlop D 207: "A disaster in ice and snow. It already spins at walking speed." An overturn on an ice plate helps the already torn fairing to its disposal. Without questioning Hertneck's winter tests, the D 207 is always the first choice for the rest of the long distance test. With the alternatively mounted Bridgestone BT57, the Fazer seems tippy, unbalanced and has less grip in the corners. Lack of grip surprises ACTION TEAM tour guide Daniel Lengwenus at mileage 10246 on the A99. Flat tire. A huge bolt head bores through the tire cover, Dani almost into the guardrail. The shock sits deep, and the Fazer may recover. Swabian Alp, Black Forest, Ulm, Regensburg. Quiet weekend tours fast-forward the speedometer to 15,000.

Magazine editor Berit Horenburg takes care of an unscheduled tire change:

While accompanying a politician's ride, she tries in vain to get into lean angles on 1800 kilometers between Koblenz, Bonn and Jena, and rides the tire squarely.

Finally summer again. The Fazer is ready for a vacation. ACTION TEAM-"Boss" Monika Eberle also. It takes the Yamaha to Italy, makes the Apennines unsafe and raves about brakes, handling and enormous lean angle clearance. Clear case: She has fallen in love. "If only there were not the much too high mounted passenger footrests."Hardly at home, grabs test employee Christian Vetter the golden child and sets off with pillion and much luggage again to Italy. His note at half-time stand makes you think:

"It does work with a passenger. You just have to have the right one". The right one? Of course there were questions: 1.56 meters tall, 48 kilograms heavy, hobby: artistic gymnastics.

Test rider Gerry Wagner, a passionate and long-suffering racer, then powers the Fazer through alpine switchbacks and sums up: "Sitting position still good for 1.92 meters, chassis offers a lot of comfort, but is overtaxed in fast passages, swims through the switchbacks with panniers like in good old GSX-R times. Everything is fine except for the butt."Gerry buys wound ointment and hands over the "swinging massless plane", quote from two-cylinder fan and managing editor Humke, to service warhorse Peter Limmert. This one is surprised by the rev-happy 600 cc Four. At the age of 62, he still experiences undreamt-of highs in the form of unintentional wheelies. Nevertheless everything runs on 5000 Italian kilometers like lubricated. Above all with the Sozia. The Scott-Oiler, which was installed on a trial basis, spreads the lubricant less on the drive chain than on its calf.

35 000 kilometers in one year. Phew! This causes many skull humming. Also with the Fazer. Vetter notices a ticking noise coming from the head, so he checks the timing chain tensioner. Bingo. Listlessly, he had made himself comfortable in a grid. Was more badly than fairly fulfilled its task. Listlessly he had made himself comfortable in a grid. Was more badly than well fulfilled his task. After a small intervention peace prevailed again. Not to mention the metallic clacking in the gearbox. On the Fazer shifting was no secret from day one.

Autumn creeps along, and with it the odd kilometer or two. Thomas Rothmund, freelancer, defies the adverse winds and chauffeurs the FZS – well, where to, I guess? To Italy and praises the Yamaha's low thirst: 4.9 liters per 100 of his touring kilometers.

Stefan Kaschel, test editor and speed freak, can only dream of such a thing. As if the missing horsepower would drive catchable in front of him, he shoots on highway stages almost 7.5 liters / 100 kilometers through the carburetor battery and notes:" takes gas at high speeds only delayed." Then comes the snow. And a hard time for the Fazer. Only 300 kilometers in a month. Deeply sad it runs, if at all, on only 2 cylinders. Test editor Jörg Schüller plays uncle doctor and removes their displeasure. Constant riding with choke has clogged the spark plugs. Add to that a clogged fuel tank vent. Once briefly blow, four blank spark – and everything clear again.

Also travel professional Michael Schröder, BMW fan of the first hour, hardly comes out from the raving: Garage-free he parks the Yamaha beside his monster cow and experiences with daily minus degrees a purr on the first button pressure. His BMW is not amused.

The corks pop, the world lurches into the new millennium. Just like the Fazer. A defective front wheel bearing at mileage 49599 leads to the first unscheduled workshop visit. Quickly a new tire – Dunlop D207, what else – and on into the final sprint. MOTORRAD trainee Rolf Henniges puts it in mid-January. Climbs with the endurance runner over the Alps. Circling the Gulf of Naples. On 20. January they are both back in the underground car park. The Fazer with full mileage account and unevenly elongated chain, Henniges with stiff frozen hands. The cold devil knows no mercy.

MOTORRAD either. Now it's time for the slaughter. Graduate engineer Christian Vetter makes the final measurement beforehand: In all pull-through-. Acceleration values, the FZS is after 50 000 kilometers ahead of those of the input measurement. Bravo. The salty teeth of two winters tried to gnaw at the chassis, but the paintwork was stronger. Except for a few scratches on the tank – you can't take off backpacks more carefully? – there is almost nothing to complain about. And the engine? Apart from a significant loss of compression due to leaking valves on the first cylinder, there is nothing to complain about. And be assured that MOTORRAD technicians are bean counters. Swabian even more so.

Disassembled the Yamaha comes to honor once again. Although only in the glass coffin, but still. At the Munich IMOT at the booth of MOTORRAD thousands push past, are amazed, inquisitive, surprised. No MOTTORAD's long-distance test bikes are not sponsored. They are bought anonymously, then sealed against tampering, and have to prove themselves in tough use. Regardless of season and weather.

17 months of loyalty. No one has abandoned them. And everyone, but really everyone, was simply thrilled by the handling and its mercilessly simple nature: The cool blonde leaves a gap in the test fleet that will not be closed so quickly. Despite their peculiarities. The bonsai fuel filler neck, which makes filling up the tank a ceremony, the harsh noises from the control center, the hectic fluctuations of the fuel gauge when accelerating, the pressure point-promoting tank shape and the snivelling response of the oil indicator light. Snivelling? Yes, snivelling: Hardly times 0.2 liters are missing, the thing starts to glow when going uphill.

But the farewell is not forever. Thank goodness for density sets. The engine is back together in no time. The Fazer back on the road. Like the rest of her nearly 7000 registered sisters. All secret weapons.

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