Kögel presents product highlights

Kögel presents product highlights

Kögel Trailer InnovationsKögel presents highlights from its current product portfolio, such as the Kögel Euro Trailer of the NOVUM generation, the Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality or the state-of-the-art telematics system Kögel Telematics also the complete full service offer before.

Kögel Highlights at NUFAM

On the stand shows Kögel with the dump truck a real Payload giants in light garb. Compared to its steel/steel colleagues, the Kögel dump truck with thermal trough scores significantly in terms of weight. The clever material mix of steel and aluminium, which is possible thanks to intelligent bolting technology, saves a considerable amount of dead weight. Thereby reduced the Fuel consumption and ensures lower CO2 emissions. This is entirely in keeping with the Kögel motto 'Economy meets Ecology – Because we care'. The newly developed underride guard of the skip also ensures greater safety during operation and prevents dirt and bulk material from sticking to the component. Optionally, this is now also available pneumatically foldable. This means that the driver has to Underride protection no longer by hand fold up, but can the procedure very simple with a lever pneumatically. This increases the user friendliness in the daily use again clearly.

Made for every market requirement

High user-friendliness is also Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality the keyword. The refrigerated box trailer has a transport of fresh, frozen and pharmaceutical products adapted trailer. The Kögel Cool is lighter and safer on the road thanks to optional lightweight construction elements and also thanks to the three function lights on the portal and the LED strips in the passenger compartment. Thereby the Loading and unloading process better illuminated, Driver and load are better protected and the loading process is easier and clearer. Kögel Telematics offers a further advantage for the efficient use of the Kögel Cool. Thanks to the CoolTrailer telematics package, which combines the PosControl, TrailerControl, EBSControl and TempControl services, the Kögel trailer telematics module sends data such as the position in real time, the coupling status, the EBS data, the room temperature, the operating mode of the refrigeration unit as well as set setpoints to the Kögel Telematics web portal. Thanks to the Kögel Telematics connectivity database, the freight forwarder can map all recorded data in the Kögel Telematics web portal and other fleet management systems, as well as import it in real time into existing processes and a wide variety of software systems. And thanks to the open interfaces, data transfer to third-party providers is uncomplicated and user-friendly. " Excellent container chassis Port 45 Triplex. The Euro Trailer of the NOVUM generation. Both are united by the pioneering spirit of low-emission freight transport. While the Euro Trailer NOVUM in lightweight construction consumes considerably less fuel per transported pallet, depending on the body variant, with 10% more loading volume and thus with up to four additional pallets per journey, the Kögel Port 45 Triplex is convincing as one of the lightest container chassis on the market. With a low tare weight in the basic equipment of approx. 4.500 kg and 4.360 kg with special equipment, it guarantees maximum economy in intermodal transport and is suitable for transporting all common container types.

The all-round carefree package from Kögel for every vehicle fleet

Kögel optionally offers flexibly adaptable full-service solutions with its full-service package. Thanks to favorable monthly rates, forwarders keep fixed costs under control. Continuous maintenance work is carried out by one of the numerous Kögel authorized workshops in Europe. The full service package includes all service work prescribed and recommended by Kögel, including the necessary spare and wear parts as well as operating materials. In addition, it includes all wear-and-tear repairs to the respective contract vehicle when it is used and deployed properly and functionally. Excluding the optional additional services. In addition, Kögel pays the acceptance fees for the main inspection required by law in the respective countries. For the safety test in cooperation with the approved test organizations. The annual Lasi-Check according to DIN EN 12642 XL is also included in the scope of delivery. Further individual full-service offers are available on request and can be combined with the attractive leasing and hire-purchase contracts from Kögel.

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