In the execution itself

In the execution itself

Autogenic training is one of the relaxation techniques, which is also called autosuggestion and is primarily intended to lead to relaxation. Autogenic training was developed by Johannes Heinrich Schultz, a psychiatrist from Berlin, who developed this method from his hypnosis therapy and presented it to the public in 1927. Thanks to the effectiveness of autogenic training, this relaxation method has been recognized for a long time. Is very often used even in the context of a course of treatment. The exercises of autogenic training are particularly effective in psychosomatic complaints and stress. Especially a permanent state of stress leads to various diseases in humans, which can also lead to a heart attack and a variety of other diseases. However, autogenic training is not only used for serious health problems, but also for minor discrepancies, such as stress-related headaches, inner restlessness or insomnia.

Autogenic training and its types of application

Since Autogenic Training has become an extremely successful and popular method of achieving physical and mental relaxation, the individual exercises can be learned both in individual courses and in group courses. In addition, a variety of different literature can be found in the trade, from which the method is theoretically evident. With a usually enclosed CD or DVD independently at home can be executed. However, it is rather advantageous, especially as a beginner, to get professional guidance on the correct execution of autogenic training.

In the execution itself, by tensing and relaxing the individual muscles, as well as by conscious breathing, the body is trained to let go of tension. Often the individual exercises are performed lying on the floor, but they can also be done in a sitting position. An aspect that is particularly beneficial to people who hyperventilate very quickly in a calm lying state and tend to have panic attacks.

Through the calming words of the teacher or therapist, all parts of the body are addressed during the exercises. Words such as "the right leg is getting quite heavy" or also "the forehead is quite cool follow as a rule the preceding firm tensing of the musculature. Based on the feeling, one becomes very aware of the tension, which can be used very well in everyday life, especially outside of the exercise class. Clenching the fists very tightly during a stressful situation, holding this tension for a short period of time, and then consciously opening the fists and thus releasing the tension, relaxes to an amazing extent. If used regularly, Autogenic Training can be used in almost any situation to achieve physical and mental relaxation, which can be a valuable aid in both private and professional life.

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