His name came from a case

Car rental PrevezaPreveza is located on the north side of the train that connects the Gulf of Amvrakikos with the Ionian Sea. This is a small town where you feel like on an island. The marina, with the many sailboats is beautiful. Arrange a car rental in Preveza so you have the comfort and time to explore the sights of the place.Action is a small town with a modern international airport, action PVK near the city of Preveza. A large number of visitors from different countries come every year to enjoy the endless beaches, prehistoric, historical, archaeological and religious monuments, as well as the unique natural beauty of Western Greece.

There are many entertainment possibilities, because the town has many restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars. The town is famous for its fish and especially sardines. In August, the Sardine Festival takes place, which attracts many people. You are also known for the caviar produced there, which is highly nutritious due to its omega-3 fats.

His name came from a case

Satan Bazaar or Devolopazar

This is a picturesque alley where you can find various food and cafes in Preveza. Its name came from a case, a Turkish Satrapi, which fell on its horse by this narrowness. The fall of the horse was due to the soap. Traders in the area smeared paved area with soap to avenge the Turk. Today you can stroll through this picturesque street, relax in some taverns and enjoy local delicacies. We recommend you to try the sardine caught in the waters of the region. Somewhere there is the house where the famous Greek poet Kostas Karyotakis lived before committing suicide.

Monument of Zalongou

It is a sculpture on the mountain Zalongo at 786 meters above sea level. It is located near the village of Kamarina, 29 km from Preveza. The monument was designed by sculptor George Zangolopoulos and dedicated in 1961. In 1803, a group of women and their children retreated Zalong's dance and fell onto the cliff. The reason not to fall into the hands of the Turks. This monument was erected in her honor, depicting six female figures from Souli. You can make a short trip to Zaloggo by car. With Hellascar it is very easy to rent a car in Preveza.

Archaeological site of Nikopolis

Only 5 km from Preveza you can visit the ancient Nikopolis. The city is famous for its naval battle in Actio in 31 v. Chr. Between the fleet of Emperor Octavian August and Cleopatra. The winner of the battle was Octavian. In ancient Nikopolis you can visit the Nikopolis Museum as well as the Musical Theater and the Aqueduct.


The area of Preveza is characterized by a large coastline. It is estimated that there are about 60 km of sandy beaches stretching all the way to Parga. The beaches of Valtos, Ammoudia, Lichnos, Lygia and Kastrosykia are typical to mention. You will find a beach bar on most beaches.

Access to Preveza

Preveza is located 450 km from Thessaloniki and 400 km from Athens. The nearest airport is in Aktio and is only 5 km away. It also serves the tourist island of Lefkada. You can buy a car in Preveza. Preveza airport with Hellascar rent. Discover the place and its beauties with a rental car and independence on your trip.

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