Evil doesn’t equal just plain evil

Evil doesn't equal just plain evil

Evil is not just evil. Being bad you can't just like that either. It's a privilege to be angry. All the more to belong to the bad of the bad. The evil consists of me, Dexter (my boyfriend) , Kim and Josh (also a couple), Luke and last but not least JJ. And we're in the middle of a shootout in the suburbs of London right now.

I take another pull on the joint, get really high, pass it to JJ. A brown strand of my hair falls in my face, I brush it back and grin to myself. Then I load my gun again before I turn around and look over the car. See a gun held to my forehead.

,,Well little one, shit happened." I start to laugh. I give him to understand, with my look, that he should look down. Then I pull the trigger. It shoots his balls right off. He screams and falls to the floor, but really, everyone screams here. Anybody who ain't in the gang. I look around, Josh is holding a guy down while Kim knocks his teeth out of his mouth. Finally Josh lets go of the guy. Stands next to him. She pulls out her beloved gun and pulls the trigger. The barrel she finally holds to her mouth and breathes against it. It looks incredibly sexy, but she always does it. This is her thing. I'm used to it. My gaze slides to Dexter, he glares at me. I give him something to understand too, he understands. It's logical, if he ever tries or even thinks of cheating on me, the same thing will happen to him as happened to the guy at my feet.

Then it goes really fast, I see the guy behind Dexter with a gun, he's about to take off and shoot, but I'm faster, I don't aim right, but I shoot. I am good. I hit. I saved Dexter, and he saved me. I realize that when I look to my legs, because there lies the guy, bleeding from the skull, holding the gun in his hand, I was lucky. I walk towards him on wobbly legs, I'm too high to realize anything. I just want him now, nothing else. He takes me in his arms, I momentarily put my lips on his, he tastes good, also kind of like a joint but largely like his unmistakable scent and that, my friends makes me horny. I run my tongue greedily over his lip, he opens his mouth instantly, I have to grin. I am happy. Satisfied. Why not? The next job has been done, another ten riesen should be on our account now. I press him tighter against me, take real possession of him. He's mine, that's not just a saying that's a threat.

,,Let's go home, Bady." He's always got a y attached to bad, meaning evil. He's been calling me that ever since. Bady, I'm his evil gift. Bady, yeah, I like that. He doesn't have to say anything, I know he wants me now. Around us lie six dead, five by shooting, one by stabbing. We walk holding hands in front, the rest on both sides diagonally behind us. We disappear in the black. We are black. We are the bad guys of the bad guys.

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