Eflux rs45 pro with road approval white

Eflux rs45 pro with road approval white

As a contemporary e-scooter, the eFlux RS45 Pro all-wheel drive with road approval offers you all the freedom to move around comfortably and maneuverably. Master the city traffic without long traffic jams. Do away with parking problems. The e-scooter accompanies you with long-life batteries and a maximum power of 2 x 1.000 watts safely on your personal and professional paths.

All-wheel drive with electric dual-lift motors

With its electric dual motors, each of the two wheels of the eFlux RS45 Pro with road approval has its own drive system. This makes you particularly powerful on the road. Can rely on safe progress on any surface. With a power of 2000 watts, you can reach a speed of up to 45 km/h, which is absolutely sufficient for classic city traffic. As an e-scooter with a license, driving on public roads and paths is of course permitted.

The NEW KIND of locomotion

The topic of electromobility is more topical than ever. Do your own part with the street-legal eFlux RS45 Pro. Bringing new momentum to everyday locomotion. Whether it's on your way to work, to the university or for your shopping, you can rely on the e-scooter for all your routes. A payload of up to 120 kilograms is possible, and with its Easy-Fold function, the electric scooter can be reduced in size in just a few simple steps. Experience for yourself this modern concept of locomotion, as it will be found more and more often in modern urban traffic in the future.

Maintenance-free hub motor

Both hub motors of the all-wheel drive are absolutely maintenance-free. Thus you have the security that your E-Scooter with registration does not need expensive inspections. The modern design of the electric motors fits the ecological concept, with which the e-scooter convinces not only young and environmentally conscious drivers. Experience for yourself the powerful drive of the wheel hub motors, which brings you safely to your destination as a contemporary motorization.

Aluminum fork and swingarm

In addition to its powerful drive, the e-scooter with road approval convinces with a low dead weight of only 45 kilograms. This is due to the lightweight construction of the scooter, fork and swingarm are made of sturdy aluminum. The light metal combines a low weight with high durability, so that you can enjoy your e-scooter for many years to come. The other parts of the vehicle are also made of robust materials, with which you are safe even in wind and weather on the road.

Powerful LED headlights

As a two-wheeler rider, it is important to be clearly visible in public traffic. The road-legal eFlux RS45 Pro assures you of this with its powerful and economical LED headlights that don't draw unnecessary power from your battery. The same applies to the highly visible LED rear light, with which you can quickly attract the attention of motorists. With its integrated reflectors, the e-scooter with road approval additionally contributes to visibility in traffic.

Disc brakes front and rear

As an e-scooter with registration, safe braking is crucial. The integrated front and rear disc brakes provide a powerful braking effect on each wheel, assuring you a braking distance of a few meters at any speed. Gain additional safety in road traffic with your electric scooter. Maintain full control of your e-scooter in any traffic situation. The 13×5.00-6 road tires also provide a good road holding on all surfaces to implement the braking effect optimally.

Reliable and powerful lithium ion battery

The 48-volt battery based on 20 Ah lithium-ion is the heart of the electric drive. For the battery there is the possibility of external charging, for example, via a socket in your garage or your bike cellar. The range of the battery is up to 30 kilometers, depending on the load of the scooter, the driving load and the general road conditions. Should it become necessary, the battery can be changed very easily to regain full charging capacity for longer journeys.

The practical folding function

When you are not using the eFlux RS45 Pro with road approval, it takes up hardly any space when stowed in the basement or apartment. With a few simple steps, the e-scooter can be significantly reduced in size and easily stowed away. When folded out, the device measures 140 x 72 x 135 cm. Thanks to the Easy-Fold function, no great effort is required to fold and unfold the scooter.

Clear display

The compact display on the handlebars of the e-scooter gives you a clear overview of your current driving behavior at all times. From the remaining charge capacity of the battery to the speed. The kilometers driven give you all the important information about your driving behavior at a glance. The display is clear and well structured and helps to guide your electric scooter safely on all routes. A secure grip on the e-scooter in windy conditions. Weather is indispensable. With the anti-slip profile of the footboard, you have the security to sit safely on the electric scooter in any weather and with any footwear.

Front and rear shock absorbers

Whether small cracks or holes in the road, thanks to the integrated shock absorbers, the e-scooter with approval ensures you a comfortable and cushioned ride. Both wheels front and rear are suspended and provide a smooth and comfortable ride on all surfaces, even at higher speeds of the scooter.

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