Edoardo mortara shall i be honest.

Motorsport, soccer and education: Edoardo Mortara was interested in many areas from an early age. In a three-part interview series, we introduce the person behind the racing driver. In the second part, Edoardo talks about…

– … His lessons: "You have to choose the right people. But of course you first have to get to know the wrong people to learn the lessons." – … His daughter Sophia: "It is a big change. You have to pay much more attention, the focus is shifting much more in their direction." – … His soccer career: "If you want to become a professional, the main thing is to stay healthy."

Edo, can you still remember the first time you gave an autograph to a fan?

Edoardo Mortara: No, not really. These things happen pretty early, already in karting.

Is it a bit strange to see that there are people cheering you on and following your career?

Edoardo Mortara: When you are young you don't realize these things so much. When you grow up with it, it becomes the norm.

Did you feel that there were people around you who didn't want the best for you, but only for themselves??

Edoardo Mortara: Always! But that is normal. You learn that very early.

Is it hard when you realize something like that?

Edoardo Mortara: It's part of the game. Everyone looks after his own interests. There are very few people who look out for both – their own interests and yours. You have to choose the right people. But of course you have to meet the wrong people first to learn the lessons.

What are you most worried about?

Edoardo Mortara: Nothing special. I'm a father now, so it's things like not being able to look after my wife or kids anymore. That's what scares me the most.

How has your life changed because of your daughter Sophia??

Edoardo Mortara: It's a big change. You have to pay much more attention, the focus shifts much more in her direction. Having a baby is hard, especially for my wife. She has to take care of the baby most of the time. Unfortunately, I'm not often at home.

How do you help her when you're at home?? Are you also someone who changes diapers?

Edoardo Mortara: Shall I be honest?? Not often enough. She does a lot. When I'm at home, I'm also busy, I'm in the restaurants, in the factories to see what's going on. And on race weekends the focus is completely on racing. I'm not home a lot, I leave the house at eight or nine in the morning and come back around ten in the evening. I try to have time to see them because that's important to build that bond between you and the child. But it's not easy.

Can you remember a day when you made a decision that affected the rest of your life?

Edoardo Mortara: I'm not the type to look back at the past. Of course I made some decisions that had an impact on my life. But so far I am very happy with the decisions I have made. The big decisions are such things as whether to get married or whether to study. I'm glad I had parents who were very strict about these things. I also made the choice between soccer and racing, although I was a bit forced there too. I had to stop. I hurt my knee, then my shoulder, so I was out for a year and a half.

Was that the hardest time for you, when you were injured and knew that your soccer career was virtually over??

Edoardo Mortara: It wasn't over yet, but it was tough. My knee was broken and you know when injuries like that happen, the chance to make it is smaller. If you want to be a professional, the main thing is to stay healthy. A lot of very good footballers got injured early and never made it. I could see that in my circle of friends too. Some were incredible, but then they got hurt and couldn't do anything anymore.

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