Does the fire water come out of the car.

Does the fire water come out of the car.

Is it also dangerous for the firefighter? Yes, but we also practice extra. Must always be ready? Actually yes. When we are sick, we have to sign out.

Yasemin How many fit in the fire truck? In which from Ramsbeck 9 people. How fast do you have to be with the fire truck? As fast as possible.

Lenny What do you do when there are two alarms at the same time? This never actually happens and when it does, another entity is alerted.

Kevin When do you have a day off? If we take time off (vacation) or are also sick. What do you do when there is no emergency? What all the other people do: work, cook, read … Does the fire water come out of the truck? Yes, the fire truck has a 600 liter tank. What can your fire truck do?? Very much, for example pumping water, making light ..

Lena How many emergencies did you have last year?? In Ramsbeck 7. In Andreasberg 12.

Jonas Why do you sometimes need a hydrant? For example, also to fill up with water. Why can't you extinguish a fire with normal clothes?? Normal clothes are flammable.

Caroline How fast can the fire truck go? 80 km/h

Merlin What happens if a house is on fire and there's someone inside?? Some way we will find to save this one. Why are the helmet. The suit so heavy? Because we need to protect ourselves.

Maja What do you do when you are in front of a red light?? Drive slowly across the intersection. What do you need the rope for?? For example, so you know where to go back in a smoky room. How fast you have to be from home to the fire station? As fast as we can.

Merve How many people are there in the fire department?? In the municipality of Bestwig about 175.

Burak Needs her winter tires? Yes, and sometimes we even need snow chains.

Magnus What was the most dangerous emergency of you? A traffic accident. Someone was trapped in a burning car. How many different vehicles has the fire department? In the municipality of Bestwig 12.

David How fast do you have to be when you get dressed? As fast as possible. What do you need as a fireman? First of all to have fun helping others.

Temel What do the firemen need sturdy boots for?? In a burning house there is a lot lying around or falling down. What the firefighters need a flashing light for? So that they can be seen more quickly. What do you need radios for? To coordinate with other teams. What do you need protective suits for? For self-protection.

Marla Do you need a dog for an emergency? In Germany, there are no dogs in the fire department.

Jan Why is everything in the color red? Red is a signal color. Why are the sirens blue? Because it's called a blue light (that's the way it's supposed to be).

Lisa Do you put out forest fires with hoses or firefighting helicopters? With hoses.

Lara Do you actually ever have a vacation? Yes, then we have to sign off. Do the vehicles also have names? Yes.

Maya How quickly do you get to the emergency? About 10 to 15 minutes. When do you refuel? Once we have driven. What if you're eating and then the alarm goes off?? Then we leave the food.

Hannah K What is a generator for?? For example, to produce light. What is a jet pipe for? From which comes the extinguishing water.

Sude How many people do you send to a mission most of the time? All those who are ready for action.

Hanna What if fire breaks out at night? Then we have to stand up. Driving/ walking to the fire station.

Nico Has anyone died that you couldn't save?? No, thankfully that hasn't happened yet.

Leon You have to fill up with water? Yes, at the hydrant. Do you have to clean up the car too? Yes.

Melda What do you need a security belt for?? Useful things are attached to the safety belt. What do you need the axe for? For example, to smash something. What the fire department needs the sirens for? To the alarm.

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