Divx is a widely used media format

The use or operational carrying of radar detectors may be illegal or prohibited depending on the country.

* 3D data is not available everywhere.


Supports DVD-Video/DVD±R/DVD±RW/CD/CD-R/ RW
Integrated navigation on 4 GB flash memory
SD card slot for updating card data
Integrated RDS-TMC tuner
Supports MP3/ WMA/AAC and ID3 tag display
Official DivX® Certified Product
Plays all versions of DivXVideo (incl. Divx 6) with standard playback of DivX media files again
Memory for 18 FM, 12 MW/LW stations
iPod direct control via USB (optional cable CCA723 required for iPod video playback – please note: a list of compatible iPods/iPhones can be found on our homepage).
USB port on the back
2 AV inputs
Cinch input for rear view camera, supports NTSC/PAL
Subwoofer volume control
24-bit D/A converter
BBE® MP (only for USB function)
Beat EQ for sound adjustment
Integrated high pass and low pass filter
2-zone entertainment
Touch panel control
Fully motorized 7-inch QVGA color LCD monitor
Display brightness adjustable
6-channel audio pre-out (front/rear/subwoofer) and 2-channel audio output for 2-zone entertainment
Integrated amplifier (4 × 50 watts)
Supports Bluetooth® interface (optional BLT373)
OEM steering wheel remote control interface

Divx is a widely used media format

iPod USB direct playback via the USB cable included with the iPod.

Divx is a widely used media format

USB port supports playback of WMA/MP3/AAC files.

New graphical user interface

Divx is a widely used media format

In the graphical user interface of the NX509E with its high-resolution screen display, the H.M.I.- Concept of Clarion a unique form. A wide range of functions, from vehicle navigation to AV entertainment, are combined in this intuitive user interface, so there are only three buttons on the front panel, further enhancing the clean look of this model. Quick to learn, so you can enjoy all its features from day one.

Divx is a widely used media format

Integrated car navigation functions

No need to install additional devices. With Clarion's NX509E, convenient navigation features with step-by-step instructions are built into the control unit.

Divx is a widely used media format

SD Cards for Updates

In addition to the integrated data, new maps or updates can be easily imported with the dedicated SD slot.

Digital media support (DivX®)

Divx is a widely used media format that offers pure, digital experiences. At Clarion, most AV products can play DivX files since 2008. Divx encoded video files provide superior video quality. More data volume on a data carrier. Clarion gives you a whole new experience, full of incredible features and digital delights.

Divx is a widely used media format
Divx is a widely used media format

– BBE MP Process

This graphic illustrates the BBE-MP effect.

BBE® MP for sound enhanced MP3/WMA/AAC files

The BBE MP (Minimised Polynomial Non-Linear Saturation) process improves digitally compressed sound z. B. Of MP3/WMA/AAC files by restoring the harmonics that have been lost through compression. This reproduces the warmth, detail and nuance that you would otherwise miss out on. With the harmonies enhanced by BBE MP, even normal CDs sound even better.

– The production is under license from BBE Sound, Inc.

– From BBE Sound, Inc., licensed under at least one of the following U.S. Patents: 5510752, 5736897. BBE and the BBE logo are registered trademarks of BBE Sound, Inc.

Beat EQ with parametric equalizer function

In addition to the three preset sound patterns – BASS BOOST, IMPACT and EXCITE – Clarion's Beat EQ even lets you freely adjust the level and range of bass, mids and treble for each pattern with a 3-band parametric equalizer.

Integrated high-pass/low-pass filter

Integrated high-pass/low-pass filter allows music to be played back at precise levels. Enjoy bass with more thump. Heights with more clarity.

Magna Bass EX

Clarion's Magna-Bass function boosts bass in the waveband around 50 Hz – which is thus below the waveband of conventional bass boost circuits (around 100 Hz) – by almost 10 dB, creating a particularly low frequency effect. In addition, automatic volume level compensation is performed to ensure well-balanced, dynamic bass at any volume level.

Divx is a widely used media format

2-zone entertainment

With 2-zone entertainment, the vehicle's interior is divided into two sound zones, allowing rear-seat passengers to watch a movie on DVD or an iPod video while the driver and front passenger listen to their favorite radio station or music from a USB storage device.

* USB and iPod cannot be played at the same time.

Direct rear camera cinch input

The device is equipped with a direct rear view camera input. A camera, available as an accessory, can be connected here to keep an eye on what is behind the vehicle. Extended vision makes driving even safer.

OEM steering wheel remote control (LFB)

More and more cars are being sold with original car radios already integrated, controlled by convenient buttons on the steering wheel. With Clarion adapters, you can upgrade your factory-mounted radio with a fancy Clarion system and operate it from the existing steering wheel controls.

Divx is a widely used media format

Bluetooth® support with BLT373

The use of hands-free (HSP/HFP) cell phones that support Bluetooth makes it safer to talk on the phone while driving. The phone is connected to the audio system of your car by radio. With the profile A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) you can play music from many new cell phones and portable media players, which you can control via the profile AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile).

Divx is a widely used media format

6-channel audio pre-out

With the Pre-Out output, you can always add external amplifiers to create a stronger, more refined audio system.

Superior iPod connectivity

Divx is a widely used media format

Ipod direct control via USB

Simply connect the USB cable supplied with your iPod to the USB input on the back of the NX509E and operate your iPod. With the optional CCA723 cable, you can even watch iPod videos on the big screen. You can also play digital music files stored on a USB storage device via the same connection.

* To connect the iPod, use the USB cable supplied with the iPod.

* Optional CCA723 cable is required for video playback.

Divx is a widely used media format
Divx is a widely used media format

Ipod ABC search& simple control mode

In addition to searching by genre/album/title, the full iPod ABC search is also available. Operation is not limited to the touch panel of the control unit – you can also call up music tracks using the clickwheel of the iPod.

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