Change car insurance now and save money

In cooperation with R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Raiffeisenbank München-Süd eG offers you individual insurance coverage for your car. An overview of the advantages. An accident can happen very suddenly. You don't even have to blame yourself. No motor vehicle is therefore allowed on the road in Germany without motor insurance. Anyone who owns a car, motorcycle, camper van, S-pedelec and the like is obliged to take out motor vehicle liability insurance. And does well to extend it even further with comprehensive insurance. Safety first, after all. But one thing is for sure: If you let old contracts run too long, you are giving away money. So switching your car insurance to a cheaper rate is actually always a good idea.

In cooperation with R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Raiffeisenbank München-Süd eG offers you individual insurance cover for your car. Put together your desired car insurance from various service modules. Either directly online or with your advisor in one of our branches – on 30. November is finally the annual deadline for the car insurance change.

Car insurance: many advantages by switching

This is how Michael, an employed businessman for wholesale and foreign trade management from the south of Munich, did it. He had taken out his old motor vehicle liability insurance many years ago. Annoyed by two premium increases in the meantime. After a few minutes with the online calculator on our homepage and a subsequent conversation with his advisor in the branch of Raiffeisenbank München-Süd eG in Pullach, it was clear: This can be done much cheaper. V Motor vehicle liability insurance with additional partial coverage -. Still pays less today than for his old contract.

Change car insurance and insure additional drivers especially favorably

For Karin, a utility engineer, it was particularly important that her two daughters, who had passed their driving tests in quick succession, were allowed to drive the family car to gain further driving experience. The problem: Extending insurance coverage is usually very expensive, especially for young drivers. After receiving advice at our Thalkirchen branch, the 48-year-old switched to R+V car insurance. The deciding factor was that she could add her daughters as additional drivers for only 289 euros per person per year – with full coverage. For the 18- and 19-year-old sisters, a top prize.

Perfectly tailored to you: An overview of motor vehicle insurance at Raiba

● Motor vehicle liability insurance: a literal must. Motor liability insurance is designed to guarantee that the victim of an accident is compensated, even if the person who caused the accident is unable to pay.

● Motor vehicle partial coverage: motor vehicle partial coverage protects your car against the financial consequences of damage caused, for example, by fire, explosion, theft, storm, hail, lightning, flooding or glass breakage.

● Comprehensive motor insurance: the all-round carefree package that is particularly worthwhile for new or high-quality cars: comprehensive motor insurance. In contrast to partial coverage insurance, it also covers the costs of self-inflicted accidents.

Advice for the change of car insurance

You would like to change your car insurance, but you do not know where to start?

Change car insurance now and save money

Your contact person on the subject of motor vehicle insurance at Raiffeisenbank München Süd eG is Selma Kapic, R+V Insurance.

You have questions? Write to us or make a personal appointment at one of the branches of Raiffeisenbank München Süd eG.

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