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This morning we were welcomed by sun. Warmth awakened on our camp on the river. Dark cars also have their disadvantages. With all the teams that had crossed the finish line the day before, we drove in a convoy that was extremely well organized and executed by the local public order office to a vantage point above the town of Dalyan. Suddenly it was incredibly warm. Unfortunately, very few of the teams had expected to take part in joint events after the finish, which meant that the fuel reserve lamps of some of the teams were getting more and more nervous, because of course no one had visited a gas station anymore. And also at some rally drivers themselves the spare lamps were shining. Somehow the rally was over, but on the other side we drove on. A strange feeling of limbo. Nevertheless, we still arrived at the next gas station, even if the rush here was accordingly large.

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Following the signs or policemen, we continued to an orange plantation, where the last rally task was to be completed once and for all. In five minutes were to pick as many oranges as possible. We made 157. How the winning team managed to pick over 1300 oranges, no one knows. As I write this blog entry, sitting Felix L., Paul and Julian next door on the bench and press everything to juice.

From the plantation more signs led us to a bay near Dalaman and for the first time to the Mediterranean Sea. On the beach, some went into the water, while the rest made themselves comfortable in the shade. There we lingered then also quite long. Maybe some exhausted rally driver also fell asleep. So could be at least. In any case, Paul then still under the olive tree once more provided for the physical well-being.

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When we were quite cooked and the award ceremony was approaching, we started the way back. With team 9 we made our way there. The camel in the flesh in front of our eyes, the medals for fourth place were awarded to our team. Just like all the other teams that didn't finish in places 1-3. According to the order in which the medals were awarded, we assume that we finished in 9th-11th place. There are small disagreements in the team about this, because counting was done differently. Robertah was praised according to her role as a woman even for the exemplary guidance of the road book. This eulogy, however, must clearly go to Felix T. Who had designed the roadbook with so much love, as certainly no other woman from any team.

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The winner was the "No Camel No Cry" team from Switzerland, of all places, who even want to export the hitherto nameless cloven-hoofed animal there.

Our near-victory was celebrated in a restaurant at the river with excellent Turkish red wine and Fanta Lemon. As it is appropriate for a victory dinner, we let it bang once again so properly – financially and alcoholically.

By the way, we also returned the GPS tracker on this day, so there will be no more news here. But that doesn't matter, it is planned anyway to relax at our very cool campsite.

Extremely satisfied with the overall situation and the prospect of two more deeply relaxed days, we all fell into bed at some point, two in the car, two in the tent and two in a hut on the campsite.

It is actually accomplished. What is the rally driver dreaming about tonight…?

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