Casual motorcycle clothing for real lifesytle

Casual motorcycle clothing for real lifesytle

Black motorcycle clothing with a few colorful stripes – it's part of the street scene when motorcyclists pass you by. There can be no trace of nonchalance here. Even from a distance motorcycle clothing does not look very comfortable. At the same time, the materials from which motorcycle clothing is made today have also become much more functional and also more presentable in a certain way. In the past, motorcycle clothing was tight and made of a heavy material that was supposed to prevent injuries, but mostly didn't, because the material for motorcycle clothing has been researched quite little.

Motorcycle clothing in everyday look from John Doe

Today, casual and highly functional motorcycle clothing is also available in a jeans look. This is stylish denim clothing. These are garments that have an anatomical shape, in which high-quality fibers are integrated, which perfectly adapt to the body. To get off the bike with such motorcycle clothing and go to a café or restaurant without the motorcycle clothing interfering with it. Stretch inserts and vents provide a high level of comfort, which is very convenient especially during summer motorcycle rides. The protection and safety of such casual motorcycle clothing is ensured by reinforcements in the places of the clothing where the body of a motorcyclist is particularly at risk.

This is especially true for the legs, as well as the arms, especially at the knee and arm joints, as well as in the chest and back area. These are removable protectors, which are also present in the hip area. Who makes a break on the tour, can take the protectors out of pants and jackets and can wear these clothes normally. The fact that these are motorcycle pants or a motorcycle jacket, an outsider does not see at first glance. To remove the protectors, the motorcycle clothing does not have to be taken off. The protectors are rather removable from the outside and reusable.

Wearable all year round

Such casual motorcycle clothing is also available in other fabrics besides denim inserts, such as John Doe motorcycle clothing, and can be worn all year round. That means, already at the first excursions with the motorcycle on a nevertheless still cooler spring day casual motorcycle clothing offers not only protection, but also the appropriately needed warmth. Meanwhile, in summer, stretch inserts and vents of the casual motorcycle clothing come into play, providing a pleasant coolness during the ride and also when taking a break. And also in autumn, when it gets cooler again, the casual motorcycle clothing is wearable.

Otherwise, casual motorcycle clothing has everything that can be found on the normal motorcycle clothing, such as a zipper with double bar or belt loops and pockets with and without zippers. Cleaning of such casual motorcycle clothing is also very simple. It can be washed in a washing machine in comparison with normal motorcycle clothing.

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