Car spare parts retro garage

Car spare parts retro garage

Consider a few things, if you buy a Jaguar E – Type!Since its "presentation" in March 1961, the Jaguar E – Type belonged from now on to the objects of (male) desire. This has not changed until today, after all 52 years after its debut. On the contrary – the Jaguar E – Type is as Coupe or Roadster a desired oldie. But just an oldie; Why you should pay attention to some things, if you want to buy such a gem. The Jaguar E – Type was at that time. Is today still for many certainly a dream car. So that from it however no nightmare becomes, they should consider themselves before the purchase exactly, what they want to have: Do I want a vehicle that is "run down" to then completely restore it myself according to my ideas? Or I would like to get in immediately to enjoy the driving fun? Which model should it be at all? There is the E – Type namely as 6 – and as 12 cylinders, as Roadster or short Coupe as well as also as somewhat longer Coupe.

Basically, before buying a car: You should look at as many vehicles as possible and also test drive, not immediately the first best or maybe even "blindly" buy.

As said, the Jaguar E – Type is just an oldie; Even the "youngest" models are now over 40 years old. Therefore, there are hardly any E – types left in good original condition, most vehicles are guaranteed to have been overhauled and restored one or even more times over the years. Actually unrestored E – types there are probably hardly still. If then accordingly in rather bad condition.

Since moreover nearly 75% of this vehicle type were exported into the USA, most come nowadays also again from there; Which means not least further substantial costs: On the purchase price still the transport comes; On this 10% tariff and again 16% VAT. So in total you would have to pay almost 30% on top of the actual purchase price.

If they therefore better in this country a Buying Jaguar E – Type, save the whole procedure with the registration and the conversion according to German regulations, which can become quite necessary with USA imports: Because there, for example, usually the tires must be retrofitted ( not a cheap pleasure!); Also the lighting must be made first of all "suitable" for the TÜV, which usually means new headlights and possibly also new taillights – with the early models even still Warnblicker retrofit!

An advantage remains to them however always, if they buy an E – Type, all the same which year of construction,. Almost all spare parts are now available as reproductions. From the hood to the complete body shell, so that it is almost always possible, even in "bad starting position", the car chic rebuild. But also here note: The restoration costs usually always substantially more than a finished restored vehicle. Therefore: Think before exactly what they want!

If it comes to the "new building" of the Jaguar E – Type in this summer?

On the basis of original plans, the British manufacturer is said to be rebuilding the strictly limited lightweight versions of the E-Type this summer. This lightweight version based on the convertible was developed by Jaguar in 1963 specifically for racing; a lot of aluminum was used in the process. More powerful engines to be used – but only a total of twelve were manufactured.

According to newspaper reports, the British carmaker has "dug up" the old construction plans and plans 2014 with the start of detailed replicas; For originally once 18 copies were planned from the E – Type Lightweight. It came however only to the building of two thirds, because the manufacturer probably simply lacked the clientele.

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