Car rental terms and conditions

Car rental terms and conditions

The rental company is not liable for delays. Consequential costs related to a rental car breakdown.

The general conditions of the TCS company card apply to the insurance cover regarding breakdown assistance. Claims from the insurance company due to gross negligence are to be paid in full by the renter


The fuel consumed is at the expense of the renter. The rented vehicle must be returned with a full tank of gas. Otherwise, a turnover indemnity of CHF 20.- plus fuel costs to be paid. Costs arising from misfueling will be charged to the renter according to the time spent, including possible material and disposal costs. There is no insurance coverage for misfuelling.


Liability insurance:

– Deductible per claim for under 25 year olds: CHF 1'000.-. – Deductible per claim for over 25 year olds: CHF 0.-.

Fully comprehensive insurance:

– Deductible per claim: CHF 1'000.-. Provided the vehicle was driven by a registered driver. The vehicle was used properly.

In case of glass damage, a contribution towards expenses of maximum CHF 600.- charged to the renter. Tire damages are not insured. Are to be paid by the renter.

The general insurance conditions apply to the insurance cover. Claims of the insurance company due to gross negligence are to be paid in full by the renter.

Trips abroad

Journeys to countries of the European Union including Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Macedonia, Montenegro, Ireland, Scotland, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey are permitted. Trips to all other countries are not allowed. The renter is fully liable for all damages to the or. Losses of the rented vehicle which occur in connection with trips to non-permitted countries.


It amounts to CHF 750.- and is to be paid by debit (EC)/postcard or as an advance payment by bank transfer at the latest upon pickup of the rental vehicle.

Terms of payment

The car rental has to be paid within 5 working days after the renter signs the contract. The booking is not finalized until payment is received.

For long-term rentals of more than one month can also be paid monthly in advance, d.H the rent is always due on the last day of the month already paid. If payment is not made on time, the tenant is charged a reminder fee of CHF 30.- per reminder and a default interest of 5% will be charged.

Other costs such as environmental badge, foreign highway tolls, ferry tickets and rail loading costs, are charged to the lessee.

Early return

In case of early return of the rented vehicle, no costs will be refunded. Kilometers not driven will also not be refunded.

Order fines

These must be settled directly by the lessee. Unpaid or unreported administrative fines will be charged to the lessor with an administrative surcharge of CHF 20.- charged. Except for automatic flash.


The renter can terminate the contract up to 21 days before taking over the rental car with a contribution towards expenses of CHF 80.- cancel in writing. In cases of hardship, the lessor may be willing to make a financial concession.


The lessor reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement without notice if the lessee fails to comply with his payment obligation under the rental agreement even after setting a grace period of at least 10 days (Art. 257d OR). Furthermore, the landlord reserves the right to terminate the lease for cause. In addition to the reasons provided for by law, an important reason is also given in particular if there is improper use or if the lessee has provided false or incomplete information.


In general, any liability on the part of the lessor, regardless of the basis of liability, is fully excluded to the extent permitted by law. If one or more provisions of these rental conditions are invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Only Swiss substantive law is applicable. For disputes arising from or in connection with the leasing contract, the ordinary courts at the lessor's domicile have exclusive jurisdiction. A possibly compelling legal court sand remains reserved.

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