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We offer a comprehensive tire service for all types of vehicles. For this we stand for the surrounding areas of the places

Car parts & service

Backnang and Winnenden available. In the case of damaged tires or even the change of summer-. Winter tires we do professional work. You can contact us for all brands of car tires and rims. We dispose of old tires in an environmentally friendly way and also store tires that have no place in your garage. Not only for tires, but also for car rims we are your reliable automotive partner. We mount aluminum or steel rims. Dispose of old rims.

Why summer tires?

Summer tires offer safety in warm mon.

Drivers who are still using their winter tires after Easter are not doing themselves any favors. The reason: winter tires are made of a material that only gains the right strength at an outside temperature of 6 degrees Celsius. Summer temperatures are therefore not advisable for winter tires – who disregards this, has a higher wear and also consumes more fuel. Summer tires are designed to directly correspond to the weather conditions of the warm months. They are suitable for wet roads and dry roads. Optimal performance is guaranteed with summer tires: In braking, comfort and driver response.

Summer tires have the right tread and provide driving stability in hot weather

The tread blocks of summer tires are made coarser and their tread has more longitudinal grooves than is the case with winter tires. With a safety tread depth of three millimeters, motorists make full use of the special rubber compound for summer temperatures. Driving stability even at high speeds in the warmer seasons – this can be guaranteed by summer tires. If you change your tires on time every year (in October), you can spare your winter and summer tires and count on a reasonable life span.

Why winter tires?

The legal obligation for perfect tires in winter weather

With the 01.05.In 2006, all motorists in Germany are required by law to adapt the tires of their vehicles to the weather conditions. With disregard threatens a fine of at least 40 euro and a point. From October to Easter, temperatures below 10°C or even below freezing point are to be expected again and again. Snow, slush, black ice, freezing wetness, hail, rain or other challenges await road users during this time.

The safe compound with the snowflake symbol

Winter tires reach with their material mixture an optimal firmness under 6°C. The rubber compound is softer than in summer tires and there are more sipes – so the wheels can interlock with the road surface more reliably with a tread coverage of at least 4 millimeters. Winter tires guarantee a reliable braking distance in unpredictable road conditions – and are marked with the M+S sign or.

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