Car insurance for novice drivers

You have passed the theoretical and practical driving test and finally hold your driver's license in your hand? Congratulations, now it can go to the search for the first own car. And for every car you also need an insurance, at least a liability insurance. And that is the point at which novice driver regularly scare, because an insurance for novice drivers is extremely expensive. As a driver's license newcomer you start with 240 percent, annual premiums of 1500 to 2000 euros are then no rarity! What you can do as a novice driver to increase a cheap car insurance for beginners to get that you read in this guide.

Car insurance for novice drivers

Car insurance for novice drivers

Expensive car insurance for beginners

Most accidents are caused by novice drivers due to the lack of practice, and this alone is the reason why novice drivers have to pay extremely high insurance premiums. But there are some things to consider with which you can still lower the contribution strongly we have looked at the different possibilities.

Accompanied driving / driving safety training

There is the possibility of accompanied driving from 17 in Germany. The aim is that the novice driver can gain one year of practical experience in road traffic, under the supervision of an experienced driver. More about the accompanied driving from 17 here. If you can prove that then you jump at some insurance companies directly from 240% to 120, depending on the car, this is a few hundred euros in premium savings per year.

The same applies to participation in a driver safety training course, if you can prove that you have taken part in this course, some insurance companies will reward you with a lower premium rate.

Important: The choice of the car

If you choose the wrong car then you pay as a beginner driver twice, once with a high premium rate and the second time for a high type class. Who decides for a car with high type class pays much more insurance premium. So for the beginning it is highly recommended to drive a car with a low type class. Most novice drivers would certainly like to have a sporty runabout, but it makes more sense to switch to a "granny car", a Golf, A-Class, Fiesta or Corsa are therefore more recommendable, it does not have to stay with these cars forever

Car insurance for novice drivers

Cheap car without insurance

Novice drivers should opt for a cheap car because if the car has a value of 1000 to 2000 euros, you can safely do without the partial and comprehensive insurance, which makes up an enormous proportion of the insurance premium. If you cause damage to your own car then it is of course less tragic with a model that has a low value and can be paid out of your own pocket. Visual defects like dents and dings are also less bad in an older car and almost always happen in the early days.

Get the license now, buy the car later

Even if a driver's license is not necessary at the moment, it should be done as young as possible, because regardless of whether you have registered a car or not, you no longer count as a beginner after three years in possession of a driver's license. This means starting with 120% instead of 240. Since the cost of the driver's license increases annually it is from this point of view also no mistake.

Take over percentages from family member

This "trick" is often cited as a panacea for cheap novice driver insurance, but it is seldom. You can have the percentage transferred from a family member, this family member loses this of course, so only useful if grandma or grandpa no longer want to or can drive a car. But do not rejoice too early, because the discount is transferred only as far as you could have brought it in yourself. That means in plain language: You make with 20 the driver's license, with 22 the grandpa stops driving, you buy a car and get only for the 2 years the damage-free years overwritten in which you also could have driven a car. So rarely worthwhile. It is essential to talk to the insurance company beforehand whether this is possible at all.

Registering a car as a second car

A gladly used possibility to make the own car also affordable to the driving novice, but caution, in the worst case this trick can backfire. It is possible to register the car as a second car on father or mother, the entry percentage for the second car is only slightly higher than that of the first car, with some insurance companies you are even the same. But you should definitely pay attention to how it looks with the downgrading in case of damage. If both contracts, so also the first car is affected then this will be an expensive mistake, so be sure to pay attention to it. It is also important to make sure that the novice driver is allowed to drive at all, some insurance companies have clauses similar to "no drivers under 24". These two points therefore absolutely consider.

Use family insurance

If the car of mother and father is already insured with the same insurance then it makes sense to ask if there is a family insurance. Often, SF 1 to 3 is entered which means an enormous saving for the novice driver. If this is not the case then it is worthwhile to look specifically for a company that offers a Family insurance offers, because probably each insurance shows interest if at one blow 3 or more cars are to be insured.

Compare online

The Internet makes it very easy, you can look for a cheap car insurance for novice drivers look around without having to leave home. No cumbersome obtaining of offers or even visits of insurance agents are necessary. All you need are the data of your car. Already a comparison on the Internet can be started. In this guide on how to do it: Compare car insurance – but correctly.

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