Car exchanges on the internet

For some time now, a very large share of trade has fallen to car exchanges on the Internet. However, many are not aware of the dimension of these advertising markets. Even the largest part of vehicle sales nowadays takes place through online car exchanges in Germany. What is actually a car exchange. How it works?

A classic online car exchange is an Internet platform that acts as an intermediary between vehicle sellers and buyers. The principle is similar to the newspaper ad, but has many considerable advantages and is constantly being expanded with new features and options. The car exchange itself does not engage in any trading activity. However, it offers marketplaces and creates the opportunity for private, commercial and professional dealers to offer their vehicles through online advertisements as well as for all interested parties to purchase them. Sellers and buyers contact each other directly without having to inform the car exchange. Apart from the switching a classical Autobörse offers further usual services, among them financing and insurance offers, councellors, qualified consultation approximately around the car as well as some individual offers.

A classic car exchange offers used and new cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, parts and accessories.

As a pure intermediary, a classic car exchange cooperates with various financial and insurance institutions as well as other Internet providers who sell their products through it to the public.

The car exchange is financed by income from advertisers, financial service providers and advertising. Large and renowned car exchanges offer their customers free online listings, although some additional features remain chargeable. You can find more information about creating a car ad here.

In the following we briefly present the largest car exchanges in Germany, which have the most customers nationwide and therefore work most effectively.

Car exchanges on the internet

Autoscout24.De – Free car ads for private individuals

Autoscout24.De is next to Mobile.De one of the two largest online car exchanges in Germany. The company has about 13 million users and 1.8 million vehicle offers per year, as well as more than 500 per month.000 mediated vehicles. Autoscout24 operates in 18 European countries and is in contact with all major car manufacturers, financial and insurance institutions. The company was founded in Munich in 1998. Belongs as a component of the Scout24 group to the German Telekom AG.

Today AutoScout24 offers.De offers its customers a wide range of car-related services. The company's core business is marketplaces where private, commercial and professional dealers can sell and buy vehicles and accessories. Online advertisements on the car exchange are absolutely free of charge for private customers! Besides the autoplatform offers different financing-. Insurance options as well as professional advice in the car trade.

Mobile. Mobile.De was founded in 1996 in Berlin. Belongs today to the strongest on-line car exchanges of Germany.De was founded in 1996 in Berlin and is today one of the strongest online car exchanges in Germany. Mobile's only real competitor.De on the car market is AutoScout24.De. Mobile.De offers its customers the complete usual service set of a car exchange on the Internet: Mediation between vehicle sellers and buyers, vehicle financing options and insurance. In addition, Mobile.De the advice of its readers. On the platform you can download a car sales contract (see also our special article on this) and get some tips on how a sales contract should be put together. Besides free advertisements Mobile offers.De two paid online packages "Standard" and "Premium", which guarantee their users some advantages on the car exchange.

Motoso. Motoso.De is a relatively small. Young company on the car market online.De is a relatively small and young company on the car market online. Core business of Motoso.De are car exchanges on the Internet for vehicles, parts, tires, accessories, tuning and automotive services. The offer is completed by a regional garage search. In addition to the mediation play the advice. News from the world of vehicles a significant role.

Dhd24.Com – Free classifieds for private

Although DHD as a general classifieds market is not directly to the car exchanges on the Internet, we want to call it at this point because of its large vehicle market but also!

Dht24.Com is a part of the big media company DeineWelten, which has its roots still in the 80's in the publishing house "Der heiße Draht". The goal of Dhd24.Com is the networking of people through classified ads. Although it is a classified ad, the platform can still be counted among the car exchanges, since it has a very large offer. The focus is on private traders who want to sell mainly used goods. In addition to vehicles, the platform places advertisements in the areas of electronics, job market, home and garden, pet market, art, antiques, real estate, travel and leisure, beauty and health and offers various services in this context. The advertisements are published free of charge in all areas.

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