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If clothes make the man, the perfect wheel-tire combination makes cars these days. And to pay enough attention to the hottest trends in the tuning scene, the Tuning World Bodensee (03. Until 05. May) the new Style Mile. It is virtually a fashion show in tuning – with Europe's top vehicles. To the article

Article This man tunes Miss Tuning They come from all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even Hungary – the twelve finalists in the Miss Tuning contest are pretty, sexy and have a penchant for extravagant cars. So that the girls can present themselves at their best during their appearances at Tuning World Bodensee (03. To 05. May), choreographer Luca Grillo will ensure that they are optimally tuned. He coaches the candidates, gives them tips and also dries tears in case of emergency.


Survey Why visitors come to Tuning World Bodensee Tuning World Bodensee is not just a trade fair. It is a real event with an action-packed supporting program, stars of the scene and of course really rad tuned cars. And it is precisely because the show is so diverse that some visitors have been coming to Friedrichshafen especially for it for many years now. Already in the morning the queues are long – everybody wants to enter the area. We have taken care of

Interview Toyota meets BMW – Two becomes one When German beauty meets Japanese superpower, DOTZ has had a hand in it. In the venerable shell of a BMW Z4 coupe, the manufacturer has installed the inner workings of a Toyota Supra, thus merging two cars into one. The DD2.JZ is the ultimate project car -. He will not be spared "The Beast" called. JZ is the ultimate projectcar -. It will not be decommissioned "The Beast" called. Responsible for the project is Christian Haderer. Quite proudly he explains in this interview, how much work, sweat and power in the 600 HP "Beast" plug.

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Survey Where the passion for tuning comes from Some people might think tuning enthusiasts are crazy. They individualize even the smallest detail on their car, put a lot of time, work, love and sweat into the conversion work. It is an expensive. Time consuming hobby. So why do so many people indulge in this passion and tune their vehicles?? We took a look at the Tuning World Bodensee (03. Until 05. May) surveyed.

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Colleague talk Colleague talk about Tuning World Bodensee 2019 The 17. Tuning World Bodensee has tuned itself properly. There are completely new areas, even more action and even more cars. Since the first edition in 2003 there has always been something going on – but this year the makers have really stepped on the gas again. The fair event is a highlight for the industry, tuning fans and visitors. Who has gasoline in the blood, must go here. And this year even more than usual.

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Contribution prejudice check: Are tuners equal to racers? Tuners are often compared with speeders. Posers lumped together. And it is difficult for them to get rid of this cliché stamp as irresponsible road hogs. But are tuners really those ego trolls who don't obey traffic rules, participate in illegal races and flout laws? At the Tuning World Bodensee (03. To 05. May) in Friedrichshafen shows a completely different picture. To the contribution

Contribution Fused cars, brute sound and film beauties With 197 exhibitors and more than 1.300 converted gems, Tuning World Bodensee celebrates car tuning, lifestyle and club scene from the 3. To 5. May in all its facets. Here you can look, buy, marvel and experience. Visitors from all over Europe flock to Friedrichshafen again for the weekend to get a close-up look at the latest trends in the tuning scene. To the contribution

Reportage article Reporter on the racetrack – at least virtually For the first time this year at Tuning World Bodensee (03. Until 05. May) an eSports Circuit. Those who like can let off steam here on the simulator on the race track. In addition, four high-profile competitions will be held, with fat prize money and, of course, honor at stake. Participants from all over the world are. Battling it out in exciting races. Out of competition, our reporter Bettina Hoffmann drives under the guidance of Robert Wiesenmüller, who is in charge of the RaceRoom at the show.

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