Car and traffic guide

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Vignettes and tolls – what to consider?

Car and traffic guide

The use of some freeways, bridges, tunnels or expressways is subject to a charge in some EU countries. Likewise, the entry into certain cities or environmental zones may be subject to a so-called city toll.

What to watch out for? There is no uniform, Europe-wide toll system. Each country regulates this aspect itself. Here's why … (more)

Driving despite impaired vision with contact lenses
Buying a used car – what to look out for?
Used cars from the Internet, what to consider?

Why a regular car check is so important

Car and traffic guide

Cars are nowadays an indispensable part of our everyday life. They get us to work, to the shops and to our friends. But to keep our cars running smoothly, it's important to perform regular car checks. This is exactly the topic we address in this article.

The importance of a regular … (more)

Tread depth and air pressure: regular check for car tires
The most reliable cars in America
Order accessories for Landrover directly online

Order accessories for Landrover directly online

Car and traffic guide

Meanwhile, the Internet offers a variety of special accessories that can be ordered online immediately and easily. After all, some of these vehicles are models that need accessories every now and then.

You can not always find the right spare parts, so it is very important … (more)

Financing a car – tips and things to know
Protect your car with a carport
How to stay online while traveling

What to look for when buying a car

Car and traffic guide

At some point, everyone reaches the point where a new car needs to be purchased. This can happen for various reasons. Maybe one has just passed the driver's license. Would now like to buy his first car?

Maybe you just want to have a new one because the old one … (more)

Find cheap car insurance – pay attention to the performance
Tread depth and air pressure: regular check for car tires
Selling used cars – advice and tips

Round trip with the own car at the Cote d'Azur

Car and traffic guide

The Cote d'Azur – wild, unique and popular with tourists it stretches in the south of France. With its pebble beaches, beautiful palm trees and numerous beach loungers, it is the most popular bathing region in the country. In addition, mild winters and crisp, hot summers can lead to … (more)

A road trip through the French Riviera
Car insurance: Saving tips for novice drivers
Wedding vehicle – disagreement between women and men

Nfts in the automotive industry

Car and traffic guide

Anyone who buys a new car is already looking forward to the smell of the new car, the first drive and the looks of the neighbors. But nowadays you buy cars that you can not drive. This is the latest NFT trend. To be fair, it must be said ..
Nature or Tesla's car factory: what comes first?

Why it makes sense to invest in a carport

Car and traffic guide

A carport is a type of roofed structure that is usually used for storing cars underneath it. Carports in most cases do not have a gate. Keeping the sides open. Carports are used like garages to protect vehicles.

With a carport directly … (more)

Protect your vehicle with a carport
Buying a car – what to consider?
Traveling with a motor home – what to look out for?

A bargain at a car auction

Car and traffic guide

When thinking about buying a new car, most people go to the dealer you trust or search online for private sellers. The possibility of a car auction think the fewest, thereby one can acquire with something luck its desire vehicle extremely favorably.

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