‘Born to be wild’

"Born to be wild" – With the diaper tricycle off into the new life! The perfect diaper cake for little daredevils. Future road hogs!

'Born to be wild'

To tinker with the diaper cake you need:

1 pair of scissors 1 roll of cardboard tape parcel string wide gift ribbon

You'll also need:

'Born to be wild'

48 diapers 2 bottles with care products 2 muslin diapers 1 pacifier 1 baby body 1 pair of baby socks 1 stuffed animal

'Born to be wild'

And this is how you make the diaper tricycle:

In a first step you take care of the wheels of your diaper cake. To do this, take a long piece of parcel string and lay it on the table. Now you take 16 diapers. Put them scale-like on the piece of string. Now you have to roll up the diapers to a wheel with the help of the string. Take a little time for it. The diapers like to slip off to the side once in a while. When you have rolled up the diapers, fix them with a double knot and cut off the remaining string. For the nicer optics you can wrap your wheel now still with the broad gift ribbon and conceal the cord with it. Because our diaper cake is a diaper tricycle, you now have to repeat the whole thing two more times.

After you have successfully rolled your wheels, you now take care of the crossbar with which the rear wheels of your diaper tricycle are attached to each other. For this you take the cardboard roll. Wrap it with the wide gift ribbon.

Now put your axle into the two rear wheels. Because you have rolled up the wheels beforehand as described above, this should not be a problem.

To connect the front wheel with the rear wheels of your diaper cake, you now simply thread a sufficiently long piece of the gift ribbon through the front wheel and the axle, with which the two rear wheels are already connected

'Born to be wild'

are connected. With a double knot fixed, you have successfully made the basic structure of your diaper cake!

And because you also need something to steer a diaper tricycle, we now turn our attention to the handlebars. To do this, fold the two muslin diapers diagonally in the middle and place the two triangles on top of each other and roll the whole thing up from the wide side upwards. Now grab the baby body. Fold the little arms inwards. Then you put the bodysuit with the arms downward. The button strip to the front on the front wheels of the diaper cake! Slowly takes Your diaper tricycle already in proper shape, or?

Now put the rolled up gauze diaper through the front wheel and fold it upwards. Right above the wheel you fix your diaper cake handlebar now with a piece of parcel string. For the handles, pull a baby sock over each side and press the gauze diaper sausage down a little on the left and right side. Now front lights are still missing. Driver of the diaper tricycle. For the headlight of the diaper cake you now simply tie the pacifier to the front of the handlebars. Exactly at the place where you have tied the gauze diaper with the piece of parcel string. With a stuffed animal as driver on the saddle and the care products hidden in your rear axle, your diaper cake is just perfect!

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