Bmw motorrad cooperates with ‘the house of machines’ in shanghai

Bmw motorrad cooperates with 'the house of machines' in shanghai

Munich / Shanghai. On 16. January, "The House of Machines" (THoM) opened its first cooperative outlet in Asia in Shanghai. As the exclusive partner of THoM, BMW Motorrad will have an exclusive space for motorcycle enthusiasts in China. With THoM Shanghai, BMW Motorrad takes a bold step to revamp its retail operations. With it, its leading position in the motorcycle industry will be. Further consolidating its image as a pacesetter.

"BMW Motorrad has always been an important driver of motorcycle culture worldwide and "The House of Machines", like BMW Motorrad, has a great passion for the motorcycle lifestyle. This makes them natural partners," said Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad, at the opening ceremony of THoM Shanghai. "In the future, BMW Motorrad will further establish itself in the Chinese market in a customer-oriented manner and in cooperation with its partner companies to promote innovative motorcycle experiences and drive sustainable development of motorcycle culture in China."

"With THoM Shanghai, BMW Motorrad is taking an important step towards renewing the retail and enriching the motorcycle experience of Chinese motorcycle fans," explained Timo Resch, Head of Sales and Marketing BMW Motorrad. "With THoM Shanghai, BMW Motorrad will bring motorcycle culture even closer to customers and offer a wider range of customers the opportunity to experience the infectious spirit and culture of motorcycling.

Partners join forces to create an exclusive space for motorcyclists.

The success story of "The House of Machines" began in 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2017, Los Angeles followed suit with a venue for motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy the culture of motorcycling and experience the lifestyle that BMW Motorrad represents. At THoM Shanghai, cooperatively managed by BMW Motorrad, China Grand Auto and Alliance Bands Limited, the motorcycling lifestyle is celebrated with a café, bar, musk and, of course, motorcycles. Here, visitors can not only enjoy exquisite delicacies and cocktails, but also succumb to the classic charm of the BMW Motorrad Heritage range. In addition, THoM Shanghai will present LNLA (Limits No Longer Apply / Grenzen gelten nicht mehr), a fashion brand under the BMW Motorrad name that will let visitors experience the free spirit of motorcyclists, which finds its expression in fashion.

A customer-focused new retail is driving the evolution of motorcycle culture

Since entering the Chinese market in 2013, BMW Motorrad has been providing customer-centric product and brand experiences to Chinese motorcycle fans in line with its commitment. With THoM Shanghai, BMW Motorrad will bring motorcycle culture even closer to customers and enable more customers to experience the intoxicating spirit and culture of motorcycling.

BMW Motorrad has not only explored the sales side, but as an industry leader in the Chinese motorcycle industry, has also made continuous efforts to promote motorcycle culture in China through a variety of innovative experiential marketing activities. In 2014, it introduced BMW Motorrad Day China, which has since hosted nearly 20.000 participants and provided the impetus for building the largest fan base among premium motorcycle brands; and the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy has created a stage where all off-road motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy competitions and challenges. As experiences and customers come first, BMW Motorrad will promote the culture of motorcycling among Chinese customers.

Thanks to deep insights into the Chinese market and relentless efforts, BMW Motorrad led the premium motorcycle segment in China in 2019 with nearly 30 top products in six categories and comprehensively expanded premium services, achieved 17% year-on-year sales growth, and also introduced the 9. Set a global sales record for the 16th time in a row. In the future, BMW Motorrad will continue to present and launch new models to meet diverse customer needs, steadily advance the culture of motorcycling in China, and provide more motorcycle enthusiasts with authentic motorcycle and cultural experiences in line with the motto MAKE LIFE A RIDE.

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