Bicycle cassette change how to do it.

Bicycle cassette change how to do it.

Cycling is great fun, but only if there are no problems along the way. If the bicycle cassette begins to wear out, it can happen that the chain keeps jumping off, the gearshift does not work properly or the bicycle chain even breaks. How can this be avoided and can you change the bicycle cassette also simply at home? You can find out all this here.

Bicycle cassette change

The bicycle cassette is also called sprocket package or sprocket package. This is the rear part of the bicycle drive on a bicycle with gears. The chain is pushed from sprocket to sprocket when the different gears are engaged.

If the bicycle chain is not well cleaned or is changed too late, it may also be necessary to change the bicycle cassette, as this then wears out and can no longer grip properly.

Most bikes have a 12-25 tooth cassette, however there are models, such as road bikes, that have other variations.

If the gears no longer work properly or even the chain keeps jumping off or breaking, it's time to have the bicycle cassette changed or simply do it yourself at home.

Who likes to tinker with the wheel or wants to save the money for the bike cassette change, this can also be done easily and quickly at home itself.

Change bicycle cassette without special tools

Bicycle cassette change without special tools is possible, but it is easier and faster with the appropriate tools. The first thing to do is to remove the rear wheel. The quick release fastener to be pulled out.

Then the chain whip is wrapped around the largest sprocket and held so. As an alternative, you can also use the pipe wrench here. Hold the sprocket with this. If you want to use the old cassette again, it's definitely better to use the chain whip, as damage can easily occur with the pipe wrench. Put the extractor in the cassette. Then turn counterclockwise with the mouse key. How to loosen the cassette.

Next, the sprockets can then be pulled off. In the case of bicycles that have a screw rim, which can be older or inexpensive bicycles, the sprocket can also be loosened simply with a vice. The extractor is clamped in the vice, then the wheel with the cassette is put on it and then only turn the tire firmly and the sprocket is loose.

Now the new bicycle cassette is being installed. It is especially important to clean the freewheel first and put some oil on it. Then put the new gear on it, the writing on the pinions must face outwards. Then only the end cap must be tightened to 40 NM, using the torque wrench.

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