Bhtc feel good in the car

Bhtc feel good in the car

"Our big issue is feeling good in the car," explains Bernd Kuhlhoff, authorized signatory and sales manager at BHTC. "In the future, people will spend less and less time driving the car, this will be largely autonomous. So they have time for other things and should feel as comfortable in their vehicle as in their living room."

About the interior of the car, the German's favorite child, takes care of the company BHTC. The specialist for vehicle electronics from Lippstadt designs, develops and produces the entire range of car interior equipment: This starts with the climate control, continues with high-quality operating elements and systems, displays as a central communication element, surfaces and touch technology and ends with high-tech electronics. "We create comfort for people on the move. Our motto "In Touch with the Future" stands for forward-looking technologies in the areas of air conditioning and operation."

And even if the car industry is currently coming under increasing pressure and there is a general mood of upheaval in times of car sharing and new automotive competitors such as Google or Apple: "Feeling good in the car and thus the design of the interior will always be an issue," the company is certain and at the same time predicts: "The interior of the car will change. At present, there are different approaches among the individual car manufacturers. While buttons and rotary dials are disappearing more and more, the trend is toward touch functions, as known from cell phones and the consumer sector."

On the contrary, this new development may even give the industry a new boost. If cars drive autonomously in the future, a car can function as a mobile office. "The number of displays will continue to increase. Currently, distraction poses a major threat: People type WhatsApp messages while driving. This is dangerous. Such distraction factors need to be eliminated – gesture control, pointing function, haptic feedback via ultrasound, modified seat positions. These are all new topics to counteract such distractions and make driving safer," says authorized signatory Bernd Kuhlhoff.

However, in order to remain competitive, BHTC, a subsidiary of Hella and Mahle, also relies on qualified specialists. The company offers well-trained, creative and committed engineers bright prospects for the future, a pleasant working atmosphere, the opportunity for individual personal and professional development and much more: "Engineers can let off steam with us. There is no limit to new ideas. We run high-tech," says Christian Goebel, Human Resources Manager at BHTC.

Engineers are expected to be innovative and creative in order to develop such extraordinary products as the control panel of the Porsche Panamera. "It's one of the most complex control panels," says Alexander Waldeyer, head of technical marketing and patents, "it has a continuous surface without buttons, but with haptic feedback."

In any case, the company wants to make the working day as pleasant as possible for its employees. A canteen cooks fresh healthy and delicious meals every day. The so-called "benchmark days" enable engineers to test their own products, as well as those of others, in real-life situations. To this end, vehicles and competition equipment are made available to employees in order to ensure the competitiveness of BHTC products in comparative drives and technical analyses.

Around the world, the company is looking for the best minds to reliably maintain its standards. For example, BHTC has established a new development center in Finland and hired engineers there who previously worked for the global corporation Nokia and brought concentrated expertise to the company. The company also has a presence in California's Silicon Valley. There it is doing start-up scouting to keep abreast of future developments in technology. The visionary innovative power of the cockpit design of the future was recently confirmed by the Volkswagen Group: BHTC received the Supplier Award in the "Innovation& Technology". The proximity to the two parent companies Hella. Mahle also contributes to the company's success. "The brand image of Hella and Mahle is excellent," says Christian Goebel. "Nevertheless, BHTC is a brand in its own right. We exploit some synergies. However, BHTC's entrepreneurial independence also enables it to react quickly and flexibly to new trends."These fast reaction times are particularly important, as new developments are launched on the market every few months. "We are extremely development-driven and live off our engineers," emphasizes the HR manager.

BHTC has invested heavily in new technologies at its high-tech site in Lippstadt. In particular, the production process of optical bonding, for joining the cover glass to a display, is unique in Germany and should be emphasized here. The fully automatic air-conditioning control system was. Is, on the other hand, a success factor for BHTC to become a technology leader. Here are also the beginnings of the company. Increasingly equipping vehicles with two- to four-zone air conditioning systems has resulted in steady growth. Arguably the best climate control system currently available is found in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. To do this, BHTC engineers worked with their partners at Daimler to conduct weeks of test drives through all climate zones around the world.

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