Balance after carfreitag controls few tuner, but many raser on the way

Balance after carfreitag controls few tuner, but many raser on the way

On "Car Friday, the traditional meeting of the autotuners, the police in the circle Minden Luebbecke controlled in many places car drivers. The local police department also participated in the cross-border traffic safety campaign "Red for speeders, poseurs, and other drivers". Illegal tuning". So there were focus checks at known meeting points such as Kanzlers Weide, the parking lot at the Kaiser Wilhelm monument, the gas stations in the area Ringstraße as well as Kanalstraße and Mindener Straße in Bad Oeynhausen.

As reported by the police on Monday, there were only isolated gatherings typical of the scene, which were immediately dispersed due to the transfer of domiciliary rights to the police. With the tuned cars it concerned mostly legal conversions. Of these vehicles only about 50 percent came from the local area. The remaining vehicles often carried license plates from Herford or the surrounding counties of Lower Saxony. In addition to the pimped cars, the police also checked the speed in several areas. Here some speeders attracted very negative attention.

Almost 100 warnings levied

As a result of over 2.000 speed checks, the officers wrote eight criminal and 93 misdemeanor charges and levied 95 warnings. Particularly negatively two vehicle drivers on the L 770 were noticeable. A 43-year-old man from Lübbeck, for example, was speeding on his Honda motorcycle at 195 km/h instead of the permitted 100 km/h. The driver (32) of an Audi R8 from Porta Westfalica even drove 197 kilometers per hour. The offences were determined by an officer of the local traffic service, who was on patrol with the civilian ProVida motorcycle. The two drivers will soon have to go without their licenses for a long time.

On the Bundesstraße 61 in the direction of Birne, a man from Bad Homburg drove his Nissan 350Z at 174 kilometers per hour instead of the permitted 100. Already shortly behind the tunnel exit a Nienburger with its Mercedes 161 km/h raced. Also on the B 61, but in the direction of Bad Oeynhausen, a Hamburg man drove his Passat at 104 km/h. The speed limit there is 80 km/h. On the same federal highway in the direction of Petershagen, a Porsche driver from Minden ignored the speed limit of 70 km/h. He was driving at a speed of 131. Within the closed local area a Mindener did not keep to the permissible 50, but was with 85 kilometers per hour on the way. After a speeding offence a BMW driver from Lippstadt was stopped in the bulb. The 42-year-old had not only driven 27 kilometers per hour too fast, but was also clearly under the influence of alcohol and drugs, of which the officials also found a consumption unit in the car. A blood sample was taken from the man by a doctor at the Minden police station. The driving license one placed safe.

Car tuner attacked police officers

In the afternoon hours some BMW drivers met with their tuned cars on the parking lot of the Werre park. After examination of the vehicles the officials issued for the range a dismissal. In the early evening, 17 tuned cars and about 30 people were found on the premises of the TAS gas station on Ringstraße. Since the operator of the facility had given the police domiciliary rights for the day, the officers asked the group to leave the premises. While some left the area voluntarily, 12 expulsions had to be pronounced. A car poser refused to drive off the premises. When the car was to be forcibly removed, it attacked the police officers, so that it even had to be handcuffed. Only then did he understand the seriousness of the situation. Calmed down slowly. Nevertheless, he is now awaiting trial for resisting arrest.

A special feature in Bad Oeynhausen was an accumulation of eight Teslas. However, they were at the charging stations of the Werre Park. The drivers from Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands were on their way to a meeting of e-vehicles and had to recharge their cars.

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