Autunfall unfallschaden bei der versicherung melden

Autunfall unfallschaden bei der versicherung melden

After a car accident, there is usually stress: Informing the insurance company, off to the workshop, coordinating with the injured party or the person responsible for the accident. You the entire claims management -. This starts with your damage report.

You've been in a car accident that has caused damage? You are a nexible customer or have been damaged by one of our customers? Then contact us directly. We handle your claim quickly. Without unnecessary paperwork from. In a whopping 93 percent of all cases**, our claims management was rated positively. So, don't worry: we have your case under control.

Checklist for fast claims management

To ensure that the claims process runs smoothly and, above all, quickly, you should ideally have this information and documents to hand:

– Details of how the accident happened, date of accident – Contact details – In the case of vehicle damage: The license plates of all parties involved – Photos of the accident site and the damage caused – the more pictures, the better. Take detailed photos of the damage as well as photos showing the license plate of the affected car. Pictures that show the entire accident scene are also helpful.

Tip Make sure that the pictures are not too dark, but also not overexposed. Rain or reflections can also negatively affect the image quality.

Claims handling as a nexible customer

Regardless of whether you have taken out liability, partial or fully comprehensive insurance with us – this is how you report a claim to us as a nexible customer:

1. If you have caused damage, give the injured party all the important information directly at the scene of the accident so that the claim can be settled smoothly with the insurance company. This includes your name, the name of your insurance company, your license plate number and, if necessary, contact information in case there is anything to discuss afterwards. 2. To report the accident to nexible, click through to our claims area for customers. 3. Log in. This is how we can assign the case directly. We already have all your data at hand. 4. Then click through our questionnaire – don't worry, you'll be through here in no time at all. We only ask for the information that we really need in your specific case. Enter the date of the accident, describe the damage caused and upload documents such as photos of the accident site. Tip The more details you provide about the damage, the better we can handle your case. 5. Complete your online claim. We will send you an email with a claim number. Take care of everything else. 6. We start processing. Evaluation of your damage. We start with the processing. Evaluation of your damage. If there are any uncertainties, we will contact you. 7. In order to finally settle the claim, we send you a report on our damage assessment and make you a settlement offer. You usually have three choices in the process: – We compensate you financially immediately. We organize the repair of your car. Refer you to one of our partner repair shops. If you use our repair service, we will provide you with a small car as a replacement vehicle for the period of repair. So you are still mobile. – If you have chosen a free choice of repair shop when signing the contract, you can have your car repaired at a repair shop of your choice. In this case, we first need a cost estimate from the workshop, which we check again and, if everything fits, release. Important Do not have your car repaired until we have approved the costs.

8. We initiate the settlement offer you prefer and close the case.

We make the whole process as relaxed and efficient as possible for you. Even in special cases or if you still have questions, we will find a good solution. Promised.

Claims settlement as the injured party

If you have been injured by a nexible customer, you only need to do one thing: Click on our online claim form – all you need is the license plate number of the nexible customer. Then we will guide you through our questionnaire – don't worry, it won't take long. We only ask for the information we really need in your case.

After you have completed the online claim, we will send you a summary of the data by e-mail and take care of everything else. To do this, we coordinate all parties involved, get information to evaluate the case, and get back to you with updates.

You still have questions? Also take a look at our frequently asked questions or Write to us. You are not yet with nexible. Want to have your contribution calculated?

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