Autoscout 24 offers its own vehicle valuation service. The vehicle was listed there with an average value of 5.391 € valued. Despite simple and trouble-free registration and the entry of detailed search criteria, AutoScout24 was unable to find the right car on the test day (30.7.2014) only 32 suitable offers in the desired price range up to 4.000 euros for purchase. This, however, is a clear indication of the Fabia station wagon's popularity and as far as the search itself is concerned, AutoScout can be congratulated on the fast and precise result of the selection, even if it takes up to clicks to get there. In general, the homepage is very appealing, homogeneous and modernly structured. A small drawback: the "Price tool" section is unfortunately hidden in the "Magazine&" menu item Inform". The result of the search shows the average price of all AutoScout offers for the desired model; around 99 percent of all corresponding models on the exchange are included in the evaluation, filtering out extremely low or high price offers. The database is also updated on a daily basis. The online exchange also scores points in other respects with extensive features and services that positively accommodate both sellers and buyers. The advisors around the topic automobiles are editorial master achievements and accordingly informatively. In summary, it can be said that AutoScout24 "does everything right" and does not place itself in the top trio of online exchanges for nothing. For this test there is from autos-blog.De therefore a clear "very good.

Autoscout24 – one of the large ones approximately around the car trade in the Internet

(Source: AutoScout24 press department) The basic idea of today's Scout24 Group was sketched out by the two founding members on a flight to America and launched in 1998 under the name MasterCar AG at the company's Munich location. Today, 16 years later, the company delivers impressive figures that have made it one of the leading online exchanges. Autoscout24 operates successfully in 18 European countries, working with well over 40.000 dealers together and shines not only with over two million sales offers, but also with an average of 10 million users per month, to whom far more than 500.000 vehicle offers are mediated in the same period.

The range of offers has considerable dimensions

At AutoScout24, one cannot speak of a single core business at all. In addition to online car exchanges for new and used vehicles, the portfolio also includes motorcycles, commercial vehicles and trade in parts and accessories. The company's services are aimed at private customers and the car trade, but its users and customers also include financial and insurance companies. This means that what AutoScout24 says is true: "Everything from one and the best source!"It almost goes without saying that the car manufacturers also recommend to their widespread dealers that they use AutoScout24 for Internet sales. At this point AutoScout24 does not stop for a long time, is involved as a founding member from the beginning of the well-known initiative "Safe car purchase on the Internet". In 2012, AutoBild readers awarded AutoScout24 the titles "Best Offer" and "Best Handling" not only for this commitment. The two sections "Car. Workshop" naturally fit together exactly. So what could be more obvious than to launch a new service in 2011?? On AutoScout24 users can compare the services of workshops. Book a binding appointment right after. One can well imagine that this possibility can be sure of a lively demand. This should also apply to services from the business areas of car loans, car insurance and vehicle leasing. The test reports and information pages of the AutoScout24 editorial team alone are read by well over a million subscribers, weekly and throughout Europe. It is also responsible for the numerous studies and analyses of the global automotive markets, publishes topics from research and technology.

Private sellers advertise their used cars free of charge

In combination with a car valuation by AutoScout24 partner Schwacke, advertising on the online portal for private sellers is almost child's play. And the chances of success are good if you follow the tips and advice of the professionals. In addition to suitable photos, one's own car can also be visually advertised in a video; if desired, interested buyers can contact the advertiser exclusively by e-mail. Well solved is also the possibility of being able to update the own advertisement at any time, to call up checklists or a legally undisputed sales contract. A short conclusion: AutoScout24 can only be recommended. This opinion is shared by the majority of customers, who praise the AutoScout24 service in their reviews, giving it an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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