Autogenic training courses offers with health insurance subsidy

Autogenic training courses offers with health insurance subsidy

Autogenic training courses: Offers with health insurance subsidyThrough mental concentration, one can generate nerve impulses that are transmitted to the muscles. In autogenic training, this principle is used to create a feeling of warmth or heaviness in certain parts of the body, thus relaxing the body. In this course you will also learn to regulate your physical functions such as heart rate or breathing through mental focusing. This is how you can positively influence your autonomic nervous system. Lower your general stress level. A training effect is usually already recognizable after the first hour, the relaxation produced by the feeling of warmth or heaviness can then be extended to the entire body. Used regularly, you can take care of your own relaxation this way. Autogenic training is therefore suitable for all those who are looking for an effective method of relaxation which, with a little practice, can be incorporated into everyday life.

What is autogenic training? Autogenic training was developed in 1932 by the German physician. Neurologist Johannes H. Schultz (1884-1970) developed. Schultz (1884-1970) developed. He observed that the first stage of hypnosis, which manifests itself in a feeling of heaviness and warmth, can also be achieved through self-influence (autosuggestion). So autogenic training is a form of self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis in the form of autosuggestion triggers various reactions in the body, which are associated with relaxation and well-being, resulting in a more balanced mental state.

Does autogenic training help to reduce stress??

Autogenic training is a practical and efficient way to reduce stress and bring more relaxation into your life. From a scientific point of view, the relaxation method is highly recommended, as it is one of the best researched methods and its effectiveness has been widely confirmed.

How does autogenic training work?

In autogenic training, you always work with autosuggestion. You sit or lie down comfortably in a quiet environment. Turns his attention to his own body. Now one begins to tell oneself THAT something is the case, for example "my right arm is very heavy". Meanwhile, you imagine how the arm gets heavier. You will find that your thoughts influence the way your body feels, and after a while your arm really does feel heavier. Many practitioners can observe that the respective part of the body sinks deeper into the support and the muscles relax. To increase relaxation, this feeling is consciously perceived for a few seconds. Autosuggestion can take place in different ways; for example, there are heaviness exercises, warmth exercises, or breathing exercises. You can choose according to your own interests, preferences and the resulting relaxation effect.

How long does autogenic training last?

A relaxation session during autogenic training lasts between 20 and 45 minutes on average. The relaxation effect after such a unit can already be seen with a few hours of practice – provided that one is open to this kind of mental exercise and can also mentally immerse oneself in the instructions or. The. Process. Between 8 and 10 training sessions are completed as part of a prevention course. The units are systematically structured according to pedagogical and sport-scientific principles, so that a good training effect is guaranteed.

For whom is autogenous training suitable?

In principle, for everyone who wants to: Autogenic training is a simple and practicable way to bring more relaxation into your own professional and private everyday life. It can also be seen as a precursor to meditation. For it to work, you should be open to the principle of autosuggestion and be able to get involved in it. Due to the deep immersion in the relaxation session itself and a duration of 20 to 45 minutes, the procedure itself cannot be easily implemented in every everyday situation; practiced regularly, however, it can help to achieve a general basic relaxation, which allows us to approach challenges with more focus.

Who is allowed to offer courses in autogenic training?

Only licensed trainers are allowed to offer prevention courses in autogenic training. This ensures that the quality and efficiency of the training is guaranteed. Also the training and course concept itself is examined by the central test place prevention for its sensefulness. Only then it can be officially offered as a prevention course.

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