Autogenic training

Autogenic training

The Autogenic training for stress treatment is one of the most powerful procedures I know of. Therefore, I am very happy to teach Autogenic Training for stress treatment and stress prevention.

"Anyone who has ever taken an autogenic training course knows the power and might of thoughts."

Autogenic training use the power of your own thoughts alone for more rest and relaxation.

Thoughts generate nerve impulses. Even if you only think about relaxing your hand, your nervous system transmits this as a measurable stimulus to the muscles of your hand. With your thoughts you adjust your body to rest and relaxation.

Autogenic training – a very effective relaxation method

Autogenic training is one of the most effective relaxation methods, which is also easy to learn. It is based on the knowledge that physical relaxation also releases mental tension. Lack of concentration, restlessness, fear, panic ect. Can be influenced at will with the help of autogenic training.

Autogenic training is based on learning to self-regulate one's autonomic vegetative nervous system. This means that you consciously influence the bodily functions that otherwise run unconsciously and automatically, such as muscle tension, heartbeat and blood pressure, breathing, concentration, etc,

Autogenic training – effects

Autogenic training relaxes not only physically, but also quickly calms the heartbeat, increases the ability to concentrate, deepens breathing, creates a clear head and teaches us to influence and control body and mind with the power of our thoughts. This is z. B. Essential in solving test anxiety and is easy to use in everyday life.

Your general arousal level decreases significantly after regular practice of autogenic training. You will become less irritable and will be able to handle difficult situations more calmly. Also in the case of psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety, this has Autogenic training proven to be helpful.

Many stress-related complaints, z. B. Nervousness, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, other cardiovascular problems, back pain and headaches can be treated through Autogenic training improve specifically.

Autogenic training helps us to:

– Relaxation, stress reduction and serenity in everyday life
– Promotes the ability to fall asleep and sleep through the night
– Improvement of the ability to recover
– Reduction of anxiety and depression
– Reduction of pain perception in case of acute or chronic pain
– Improvement of blood circulation
– Increase in performance

Autogenic training is well researched

Autogenic training is a scientifically recognized and effective relaxation method, which is easy to learn under professional guidance. The method was developed by the neurologist Professor Johannes H. Schultz in the 1930s. He showed his patients how they could use self-hypnosis techniques for themselves.

Mechanisms of action of autogenic training

In the foreground of Autogenic Training is the learning of conscious awareness of one's own body and thus the ability to self- and mental awareness. Deep relaxation. After a few exercises leads Autogenic training through this intensive body awareness to deep inner relaxation, calmness and balance and furthermore to new (self-)awareness.

Those who master the method can quickly (within seconds) switch to relaxation in everyday life and consciously influence certain bodily functions: z. B. Reduction of muscle tension, reduction of heart rate/breathing rate and blood pressure. Autogenic training helps self-confidence. To strengthen self-confidence. Through autosuggestion additional positive sentences can be integrated. Autogenic training loosens the body and frees the mind to go through life with more serenity, self-confidence, vitality and energy. See also… Burnout… Relaxation therapy

Exercises at home

If you decide to take the AT, be prepared to practice once a day if possible in the beginning. The time in the evening before falling asleep is suitable here. By practicing at home, the formula will be internalized and you will reap the fruits of your learning: After regular practice, the relaxation "switch" can happen in seconds, even in everyday life. Be aware that you invest this time in yourself and gain many times more in the form of inner balance, serenity, increased concentration and clarity, increased energy, etc. Win. Autogenic training can be practiced lying down as well as sitting up, which makes it possible to practice in any place.

Learn autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation in my practice

I offer autogenic training or (hypno-) autogenic training in private lessons. This 30-minute training offers a simple yet very effective way to achieve and maintain a state of deep physical and mental relaxation.

I like to combine autogenic training with a few exercises from progressive muscle relaxation, which quickly lead to physical relaxation. These exercises are done before the autogenic training begins. See also… Progressive Muscle Relaxation … Therapeutic Hypnosis.

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