Autogenic training

In my work with children, autogenic training is often a good way to introduce a child to a method that he or she can use at home to change things for themselves with regular practice.

In addition an information text (basis is the introduction of the book mentioned below by Delia Grasberger)

In the center of autogenic training, which originally comes from the Hypnosis (discovered by the English ophthalmologist James BRAID) was developed The influence of the unconscious. The founder of autogenic training is the German neurologist Heinrich SCHULTZ. He observed healing through Suggestion and developed the method of independent (=autogenic) training.

What happens in Autogenic Training for adults?
Autogenic training is about a form of Self-hypnosis, which require regular practice. Once you have the State of calm, heaviness and warmth produced, it is possible to by means of formulas and to give oneself orders. Through the organ exercises (breathing exercise for all respiratory organs, pulse and heart exercise, abdominal and head exercise) this state reaches more and more depth. The point is to sink, to control oneself, in order to then "take back" (gradually withdraw the relaxation response of the body) to return to the normal waking state.

What happens in autogenic training with children?
Prerequisite for autogenic training, is that the child experiences relaxation situations pleasantly and wants to get to know this approach. Similar to the exercises for adults, the aim is to relax as much as possible. The child should find inner peace and be free from the thoughts and worries of everyday life, such as pressure to perform or anxiety. During relaxation there are changes in the body that lead to a feeling of heaviness and warmth. An appropriately quiet environment to let the silence "come alive" is a prerequisite for children. The younger a child is, the shorter and gentler the exercise will be. Conversation and verbal guidance are an important part of the process.

For which people is this technique suitable? For children who are looking for some kind of balance. Need this approach is a good way. These exercises are good for concentration problems, inattentiveness, restlessness, excess of movement. But also emotionally introverted children, very quiet, shy children benefit. You learn to formulate a clear goal and to approach this goal. Important here is the Readiness of the child to engage in an approach that consistent practice at home requires. The child should be aware of the practice and the regularity, otherwise another approach is more suitable. If the exercises are not carried out starting from the child with the genuine will of the child, the success is small. I have had good success in my practice with girls and adolescents, especially with issues such as difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, pressure to perform and anxiety.

What does the Autogenic Training?
Autogenic training has positive effects Effect on body and soul. It allows one to balance physically as well as mentally.

– Autogenic training leads to strength and energy. – Autogenic training is good when it comes to letting go and switching off.(difficulties in falling asleep or staying asleep) – one gets access to dormant still unconscious abilities. – Children can find more peace.

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