Autogas correct refueling & tips for the insurance

Instruction Autogas TankenAutogas is a popular fuel, which is used especially in Germany with pleasure. Straight cars that normally run on gasoline can be converted to LPG as an alternative fuel.

Appropriate specialized workshops ensure that the conversion is carried out without problems and of course that appropriate entries are made in the papers. It is necessary to set up the complete gas system as an alternative drive in the vehicle registration certificate. For this purpose it is usually necessary to make a visit to the road traffic office.

The insurance company should also be informed that the vehicle is now running on LPG, so that the insurance company will pay in the event of a claim.

LPG refueling by EC card payment

The payment by EC card is in demand especially in Germany, because it is uncomplicated and also very safe. This is done at the counter by inserting an EC card into the gas pump, resp. Pushed into the refueling station. It should be noted that the magnetic strip of the EC card is inserted in the appropriate place. If this is the case, the customer will be prompted to enter the PIN, or. The PIN-NR. To be entered covertly. This leads to the fact that usually an amount of 80 euros is released for refueling. When refueling with LPG, however, only the amount that was actually consumed will be charged afterwards.

Autogas correct refueling & tips for the insurance

Instruction Autogas refueling

Connect the nozzle correctly

The nozzle is usually connected via the ACME connection. It is possible to use another connection, such as the DISH connection for LPG refueling. Basically, it takes only a few seconds for the nozzle to be screwed on correctly via the rotary mechanism on the LPG connection and fastened via the handle.

Autogas correct refueling & tips for the insurance

LPG fuel pump

Start the LPG refueling process

After fixing the nozzle, it is important that the starter, resp. The start button is pressed. This ensures that the LPG is transported from the filling station tank to the LPG tank in the car. When the tank is full, this is usually made clear acoustically. A loud roar indicates that the tank has been filled correctly and the nozzle can be carefully removed from its lock. It should be ensured that the hands do not come into contact with the escaping gas. It is quite possible that the nozzle is slowly loosened, so that the gas flows out carefully and no burns can occur from LPG.

After the nozzle has been unscrewed again, it is hung back in the filling station. Afterwards a receipt is printed, resp. By pressing a button, a complete receipt of the refueling process can be issued.

Insurance company must be informed

Important: The LPG autogas system must be registered in any case and also approved by the TÜV, otherwise there may be trouble with the insurance, no matter how great the savings and how well the system works.

Autogas correct refueling & tips for the insurance

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