Autofahrt in die sommerferien tips for long trips with children

Hanover.The vacation season has begun and many families use the most beautiful time of the year to go on vacation. Those who choose to travel in their own cars must also bear in mind, however, that the very young in particular can quickly turn what is supposed to be a relaxed car journey into a real test of patience. We show you how to keep your kids happy during long car rides and avoid a bad mood.

1. Paying attention to kids' sleeping rhythms

Especially the sleeping times of your children should be used to create as much distance as possible. The sleep rhythm therefore determines when driving takes place. In order to "sleep away" a few hours right at the beginning of the trip, you can also put the kids to bed a little later the day before in order to then start as early as possible.

During breaks and at rest stops, on the other hand, you should make sure that your children can let off steam and stretch their legs. On the one hand, this makes you tired, and on the other hand, it can distract your offspring from all the sitting around.

Autofahrt in die sommerferien tips for long trips with children

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2. Vacation time on the highway: check traffic jam reports and rest areas

Follow the traffic jam reports and take a look at Google Maps every now and then, so with luck you can avoid a traffic jam or two. And if there is no way around it, then a timely stop at a rest stop is still better than having to sit in an overheated car. Also important: Not every gas station or. Rest area is child-friendly, but this can be found out in advance, for example, at the ADAC.

3. Entertainment on the highway: kid-friendly audio games, toys and more

The longer the car ride, the more opportunities for conversation you should have ready. Starting with a book to an exciting radio play to the favorite toy is employment the best means to make the car ride as short as possible for the little ones. Of course, smartphones and tablets are also a way to keep the kids entertained – for example, with a movie or series.

Autofahrt in die sommerferien tips for long trips with children

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4. Games for long car journeys

During the car ride, your kids will probably not only want to occupy themselves alone or with each other, but will also prefer to involve their parents directly in the trip. Here are some ways to keep both adults and children from getting bored.

Count cars
Find all the letters of the alphabet on license plates
Packing my suitcase
Make up stories together, sentence by sentence
I see what you do not see
Who am I?

5. Travel provisions for long car rides

Sufficient drinks and snacks are important for long car journeys; water and snacks that are not too sweet are particularly suitable. The most suitable foods are those that are not too greasy and can still be eaten with the hands. Examples: Fruit, sliced vegetables, milk rolls, pretzels, boiled eggs or sandwiches.

If you like, you can also make enough provisions for a small picnic as a nice alternative to the usually rather meager food at the rest stop.

Autofahrt in die sommerferien tips for long trips with children

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6. Travel sickness in children

Even short car rides can cause nausea in children, and a long vacation trip by car even more so. So it's all the more important that you take appropriate precautions. By the way, the main reason for this is the sense of balance, which gets confused when driving – especially because the brain of children is not yet fully developed.

What to do if my child gets sick in the car?

If your child doesn't check in on his or her own anyway, watch for typical signs of travel sickness, especially sweating and paleness. Generally speaking, in such a case:

Stop as soon as possible
Let children off the bus
A little exercise in the fresh air can already be enough
Additionally, a cool washcloth on the back of the neck is soothing
How to prevent travel sickness in the car for my children?

If you already know that your offspring is sensitive to driving, then you should avoid rapid turns and braking maneuvers if possible. Even active playing in the car can unfortunately cause nausea – a better alternative would be, for example, listening to music or radio plays while looking out the window straight ahead into the distance. In the pharmacy there are also special acupressure bracelets for children, which also provide relief.

Autofahrt in die sommerferien tips for long trips with children

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7. Car sun protection for children and back seat

The journey takes a long time anyway and sooner or later becomes exhausting, the blazing sun should not then also shine into the window from the side. To prevent the children from getting too hot in the back seat, sun protection for the side window is a valuable tip.

8. Plan and agree together

"When are we there?", "How much longer?", "I am bored! " – probably every parent has experienced this. Other statements already heard during a car ride. To avoid discord while driving, good planning and coordination is important, in addition to adequate occupation. Involve your kids. Take advantage of their anticipation. What do you want to do once you get there, what are the kids looking forward to most?

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