Autodesk financing do you still calculate or do you already finance?.

Autodesk financing do you still calculate or do you already finance?.

Small and medium-sized companies in particular feel it in their day-to-day business: the tension between using the latest IT software and hardware and maintaining a sustainable liquidity plan is growing. The Autodesk Financing program, offered in conjunction with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, starts here. It includes the financing of software licenses in- or exclusive one- or three-year maintenance contracts, as well as all forms of IT service, such as installation, migration and training. In addition, CAD workstations can also. Other hardware to be included.

Planning reliability: flexible financing from as little as 2.500 euros

The focus of Autodesk Financing is Financing solutions from 2.500 Euro Project volume. The program is thus aimed in particular at small and medium-sized companies. Because also for them applies: Modern IT equipment requires the customer. Must therefore be updated regularly.

The way to financing is simple: According to the Online application the check and, if the creditworthiness is good, the approval of the financing usually takes place within 24 hours. For the applicant company, this can mean concretely: The Bundled acquisition of software, hardware and services becomes fast and predictable mapped. In addition to capital preservation, Autodesk Financing also offers planning security – through flexible terms of up to three years for software and up to five years for hardware.

Cash management: Payment-free lead time of up to four months

The long-standing experience of Autodesk and BNP Paribas in the field of IT financing is also reflected in the Possibility for a payment free lead time against. For the customer, this means he or she generates revenue directly from the newly financed software – and up to four months installment-free. As a long-standing Autodesk Platinum Partner, CIDEON with Financial Solutions provides support in the consulting process. Designing a customized financing solution – based on 30 years of IT engineering expertise.

So also the clarification of the questions about the type of financing, credit or leasing offer, as well as software term or hardware use is always related to the individual conditions of the company.

The advantages of financing at a glance:

Secure liquidity
The company is already generating revenue from the software solution before all the costs are incurred ("Pay as you earn"). VAT accrues proportionally with each installment, no obligation to pay off the total amount. Liquidity is preserved. Credit lines are available for other investments.

Budget for the long term
Thanks to fixed rates, budgets can be planned for the long term.

Design contracts flexibly
Running times and thus also the height of the individual rates can be adapted after respective requirements.

Our consulting offert

You want to finance? Contact us now! We will advise you and take care of all the necessary steps for you to apply for financing.

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