Auto verborgen

Auto verborgen

It actually happens: you hide your car. The other driver causes an accident with it. Who pays for the damage? The car owner's car insurance policy? Verti clarifies.

Accident with borrowed car

Some things we just take for granted. For example, an acquaintance who borrows a car is responsible for the damage if something happens. Unfortunately, however, it happens time and again that car owners wake up in a bad mood and ask after an accident: Who will pay for this now??

Car owner or uninsured driver – who is responsible in the event of an accident?

If an uninsured driver causes an accident with your car, you bear the responsibility. Even if the driver has a private liability insurance, it does not help you, unfortunately. As soon as a car moves, personal liability no longer applies. This results in the following scenarios:

– Your car insurance settles the costs incurred. Because it is a third-party damage caused by the driver with your liability insured car.
– The car insurance demands premium if other drivers like your neighbor were not allowed in the insurance policy.
– If you have comprehensive insurance: The car insurance pays the damage to your car. However, your nice no-claims bonus is lost. You are reclassified and the car insurance company demands that you pay the deductible.
– If you only have a partial cover insurance, the car insurance unfortunately does not pay a cent.

When hiding a car, put everything in writing

You lent your car to someone who was not specified as the user and the driver caused an accident. You have not agreed anything in writing with the driver beforehand. Although several courts have ruled in cases like this that the hirer must pay the higher rating in the car insurance policy. You can also claim back the deductible because the hirer was at fault for the accident. But this legal obligation expires already half a year after the return of the car. Assuming you only have partial coverage and the car insurance company won't pay for the damage to your car, a written agreement is worth its weight in gold.

Car hidden – so you do it correctly

Even if you're not picky at all: Please follow these rules before you lend your car to someone:

– Have your driver's license shown. You make yourself punishable if you give your car to someone who is not allowed to drive. In addition, the car insurance can share you in the bill for the damage incurred in a possible accident.
– Clarify who would pay for the damage to your car in the event of an accident – or the deductible and the higher rating if you have comprehensive coverage.
– It is best to have a third person present at the meeting who can later testify to the arrangements. Suggest a written agreement in addition.
Every day people borrow other people's cars. This is legitimate and, from the hirers' point of view, also has something to do with solidarity and togetherness. But you shouldn't be embarrassed to ask who pays if something happens. And one last piece of advice: For partial coverage, think twice before hiding your car.

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