Alaska’s nickname is the last frontier

Alaska's nickname is the last frontier

Alaska's nickname is "The Last Frontier," which roughly translates to "the last frontier". In this case, the frontier of untouched, wild nature. And there's still a lot of it in Alaska, as this huge U.S. State is only covered by just over 700.000 people, but it is almost 5 times bigger than Germany. So there's plenty of room.

Our first Alaskan kilometers lead us on the Alaska Highway to Tok, where we treat ourselves to a tasty burger lunch at Fast Eddy's. We've barely driven 40km south away from Tok when Uli suddenly notices problems on the F800. An initial diagnosis leads us to fear that his generator is faulty, too. So we change the batteries of our mopeds and adjust to this procedure ca. To have to repeat all 90min. So Annaleen charges the discharged battery while Uli discharges the charged battery (and again the jumper cable pays off). So we can make the way to Anchorage to visit a garage there. The situation is very familiar to us, because we have already experienced the same story two months ago in Florida – but then the F650 was the patient.

400km before Anchorage we meet at a gas station the Harley rider – and Secretary of the Alaska Chapter – Rob, who gives us not only the address of a garage, but also the address of the free campground at the Harley dealer in Anchorage. We are grateful for the two tips.

We leave Björn (who has been with us for two days) behind for a little photo excursion at the Matanuska Glacier and drive on to look for accommodation. Horrendous hotel prices let us drive on and on. It is finally shortly before midnight when we pitch our tent behind the Harley-Davidson building in Anchorage. We feel comfortable right from the start; a flat grassy area and a clean washroom, that's how it should be.

We take the moped to the workshop the other morning. Our already suspected diagnosis is confirmed: the generator has to be replaced. Oh dear, that will be expensive. The procurement of spare parts, we are told, can take several days and will be associated with high delivery costs; that's just the way it is in Alaska. We do not really want to believe that. Therefore look for alternatives on your own. In the meantime Björn has joined us again. He puts us in touch with BMW in San Diego. There they immediately order the necessary spare parts, which we actually get sent to Anchorage within 48 hours with comparatively low transport costs. So, there is another way. We install the spare part. The moped runs again. By the way, the campground is exclusively for motorcyclists. So we get to know some like-minded travelers. For example Dan and Barbara from Minnesota, with whom we spend a nice and above all tasty fish barbecue evening.

The waiting time we pass u.A. With the typical small jobs, which arise in the travel everyday life in such a way. Fortunately the weather is getting better and better and we can make an afternoon trip to a large animal park south of Anchorage, where we see bears, reindeer, bison and musk oxen from very close up.

As relaxing as the time on our small campground is – we are happy to arrive after four days of waiting at the 22nd parallel.07. To be able to leave again. Our destination is the Denali National Park. Will the sunny weather hold and give us a view of Mount McKinley often hidden in clouds?

The following short video shows a few driving impressions of the area:

Somewhat north of the park entrance we stay three nights with Paul and Dana, with whom we came over the so-called "Tent Space list" of a motorcycle forum in contact. Not only that we can sleep dry and warm in their (inactive) sauna, the two of them also help us immensely with tips on things to do in the area. Unfortunately the weather is not so bad. We make only a short excursion into the national park. The highest mountain in North America, Mount McKinley, unfortunately hides in the clouds on both days. One afternoon we go rafting/whitewater rafting on the Nenana River.

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