Alan wake 2

Alan Wake 2 – Remedy author would still make a sequel

Alan wake 2

Sam Lake would be in, but they can't just bump the possible second part together.

Remedy Entertainment's 2010 game quickly became a favorite of many as the team brought a great story to the table and also made Alan Wake's surreal adventure extremely cozy. So it's totally understandable that fans are desperate for a sequel, they can have a glimmer of hope that one of the key characters at the studio looks similar.

Sam Lake has been involved in the development of many popular games, think the first two May Payne or simply Quantum Break. He's currently working on Remedy's brand new creation Controlon, but he doesn't seem to have forgotten about Alan Wake either. He told IGN.Com that he was still happy to do the next adventure for the flashlight thriller.

Lake thinks a certain bar has been raised by now and they should get everything right if they decide to move forward. He thinks that with projects this big, a lot of things have to be right, which obviously makes it difficult to plan and launch a project of this caliber, but he hopes that Alan Wake 2 can be finished one day.

Would you be happy to see the Alan Wake story continue?

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