A bmw 700 c from the year 1964

If you look closely you can already see the waves on the right fender. And how do the headlight bezels look like? Here was certainly modeled with putty.

When I was offered this BMW 700 in the summer of 2005, I was immediately dazzled, memories from my youth came up abruptly.

At the ARAL gas station across the street from my parents' house, they often worked on a car like this one, and I was occasionally allowed to watch them. The owner at that time, however, only screwed on the engine, he "souped up" the car, today we would call it tuning. The body was still virgin. Did not need any repair. He drove his BMW 700 on its own axle and the then mounted Kleber V10 tires to many a circuit race, only I rarely went there, I was still too young and my parents had no interest in the motorstort. But I still remember one race very well. A Kreidler Florett came into my possession at that time, I had already made the driving license of the class four before, suddenly I was independent, and one of the first journeys went "by chance to the Nürburgring. I could hardly believe my eyes, but the BMW 700 with the Wuppertal license plate was there unexpectedly on the track, it became for me an interesting and formative day. It was nice to see that the driver did so well with the small car.

I wanted to have a car like the one I remembered from my youth in the 60's, and the car offered to me didn't look that bad, did it??? The BMW 700 would have been better scrapped, actually!!

In the fall of the same year, first the front right fender was removed. What was revealed there was simply horrible.

There were quite a few sheets of metal fried on top of each other, and eaten away by the rust again.

Presumably this "work" was done carried out to pass a new TÜV test.

The headlights were actually "adapted" to the fenders with a lot of filler and artistic skill and "glued" been. With long sheet metal screws they were fixed in the filler, unbelievable.

Here is the rest of the former right A-pillar of the BMW 700 to see, all rotten stuff.

The front car including the entrances looked like this. Also the lowest five centimeters of the right door was attacked by the brown plague and could no longer be saved.

In this case, the bench has done a good job. You wouldn't believe it, but the rear end of this car had no rusting at all.

At least in those days there were front fenders made for both sides. Here one could screw on the new used headlights at least reasonably.

The quality of the right fender was not good, but we were happy to have it. Here you can recognize a BMW 700 again

After almost exactly 2 years the restoration was almost finished. Only some small things in the interior had to be done. In any case, the BMW 700 has looked so or so similar to my memory.

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