Which task has the motor vehicle liability insurance.

Which task has the motor vehicle liability insurance.

Rising conclusion numbers are to be registered above all in the comprehensive insurance. Reason for this are rising registration numbers for new vehicles, against the background of the politically initiated scrappage scheme in 2010.

What is the purpose of motor vehicle liability insurance?

In case of an accident it comes to an analysis of the question of guilt. If the tortfeasor is solely responsible, the motor vehicle liability insurance will pay the damages. If the other party to the accident is partly to blame, he must accept a corresponding deduction from the compensation.

What insurance coverage offers the comprehensive insurance?

Note: autoversicherung-teilkasko – The insurers distinguish in the Kasko-(insurance between partial cover and full cover insurance. The partial cover insurance is primarily appropriate for older vehicles with a lower replacement value. It provides compensation for damage caused by fire, lightning, theft, smoldering fires, hail, storm or glass breakage. The partial cover insurance also covers accidents and damage caused by furred game. Modern motor insurances offer the customer a so-called extended wild damage clause. At this point, the insurance cover can also be extended to include collisions with animals of all kinds. Depending on the age and condition of the vehicle, the insurance premium can be decimated by choosing an appropriate deductible per claim. Comprehensive insurance is recommended for new cars or cars in mint condition. In addition to the protection of the partial cover insurance, it also offers protection in the case of self-inflicted accidental damage to one's own car. Comprehensive insurance cover for damage caused by force majeure. Also willful damages of the vehicle by third are included.

Autoversicherung-teilkasko – New no-claims bonus system in car insurance

Since the turn of the year 2011 – 2012, almost all insurers have, in the context of the introduction of new motor insurance tariffs, simultaneously anchored an extended SF scale in their terms and conditions. This replaces the previous SF class system, which in its basic features corresponds to the GDV recommendation from 1999. The main feature of the new SF scale is the extension up to SF35, with a premium rate between 20% and 25%. In contrast to this, the discount saver, which until now i.D.R. From SF25 was granted, away. After a damage case in the future a substantially sharper downgrading of the SF class takes place. In the smaller SF classes – i.E. Especially for novice drivers – premium rates are reduced.

Lower premium rates automatically suggest to the customer lower premiums in the motor vehicle insurance. However, this is not the case. On the contrary – the new tariffs with the new SF scales also bring considerable premium increases in many areas.

Due to competition, insurers have fought a tough price war in the past. Looking ahead to the coming year, an increase in the price of car insurance is to be expected. Insurance customers who are at the beginning of their no-claims class development are particularly affected by high price increases. Here an annual insurance comparison is worthwhile. It is often possible to save several hundred euros on comparable insurance cover.

Who benefits from the new tariff regulation (autoversicherung-teilkasko) ?

Main beneficiaries of this new tariff regulation are the customers, who are in SF classes 1/2 to SF3. But also contracts in the SF0. Malus class will benefit from premium advantages. Only insignificant price advantages enjoy KFZ insurance contracts in the SF classes starting from SF35. The development in the motor vehicle insurance was due to the high price competition. The steadily increasing claims payments for most insurers negative. With introduction of new tariffs as well as the aforementioned new SF scale the insurance industry tries to set an end to this development.

Nevertheless, premature cancellations should be carefully considered. Here it is recommended in any case to take expert help of an experienced insurance broker.

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