Wallbox abgreifen auch ohne e

Wallbox tapping even without an e-car? This works, but has consequences for othersCreated: 10.06.2021, 08:29

By: Marcus Efler

The run on wallboxes continues – if only because of the subsidy. Some even grab, although they do not even own an electric car. This has consequences for real drivers of electric cars.

Munich – Electromobility is all the rage right now. Absolute must-have, of course one is there! It's just stupid that it's not enough for the fancy Tesla, and that a Nissan Leaf might look too pudgy in front of the semi-detached house. But the solution is close: We order at least once a wallbox. It hangs in the garage, looks good and doesn't make a mess. And now the very best: It costs nothing! If you're smart about it. ("Audi charging hub": fast-charging lounges planned – other makes get fewer)

Wallbox as a gift even without an e-car? That works, but has consequences

Because the German government, or more precisely the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (K), subsidizes wallboxes with 900 euros. Those that require an investment of at least 900 euros, including installation. Hermann Numberger, a member of the board of directors of the Oberland Guild for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, explains what this entails. "Customers would prefer a bill for 900 euros and one cent," the master electrician from Pähl in Bavaria tells Merkur.En*. What else follows from this: Wallboxes in this price range are almost sold out. (Gasoline comeback: Frustrated e-car drivers return to the combustion engine)

Wallbox abgreifen auch ohne e

Wallbox as a gift even without an e-car? It's the bill that counts

Does not matter, or? What's that one good for, anyway – that is, besides being given as a gift? Aha: It's a way to charge electric cars at home much faster than at an earthed socket. Instead of a day and a night, for example, a Tesla Model 3 like this on an 11-kilowatt wallbox only needs four to five hours to fill its batteries. If you had one. Or at least a Nissan Leaf. (Tesla Supercharger soon also for other brands – is Elon Musk provoking congestion at fast-charging stations??)

Wallbox as a gift even without an e-car? Those who really need one are left empty-handed

But many wallbox buyers don't have an electric car, or at least a plug-in hybrid, and don't plan to buy one for the time being. 90 percent of customers, estimates Hermann Numberger, will simply take such a device. And thus takes it away from those who could really use it. It's not just about the delivery time of the boxes, which is now about half a year and rising, but also about the technical infrastructure: in some streets, the power grid can only handle a handful of wallbox connections. Who comes too late, must charge his Tesla just 24 hours schukoladen.

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